urban plate

Abandoned Mercedes (Horo), Irving Blvd., Downtown, Dallas, Texas. Winter, 2014.


There’s this Mercedes that’s been sitting alone on one of the upper levels of the parking garage at work. Though I’ve been with this company some years now, I’ve just discovered this thing. Someone that noticed me checking it out said that it’s been there the dozen years or more that they’ve been coming here.

The tires are flat. And, it has a thick coat of dirt all around it to where you can’t even see inside. Curiously, I didn’t see any fingerprints; so people have kept their hands off of it.

A vanity plate spells “Horo.” Someone obviously loved this car enough to presumably name it(?).

(Maybe I’ll wait ‘til afterhours to pop the trunk).

Title: nowhere better than this place

Fandom/pairing: 1D/Radio 1 RPF, Nick/Harry

Rating/word count: Explicit / 29434 words

Summary: “Oh my god. It’s like a romantic comedy. I could cry. Does he have a love of cowboy boots and big hats and roping cattle? Is it like Brokeback Mountain? Have you done naughty things in tents?”

An AU in which beleaguered urban fashion plate Nick spends the month of April knee-deep in mud, Harry is a couture country shepherd, and all farmers, inexplicably, wear cowboy boots.

Notes: I really wanted to name this Two Sheeps in the Night. 

anonymous asked:

not sure if you're still accepting prompts & this isn't even the kind you asked for, but if you're feeling inspired i know i would loooove to read a timestamp/deleted scene/etc for the fashion baby verse (that's what we're calling it now, right? anyway, your farmer-harry/fashion-writer-nick au that i and so many others adore so much!) i know it's not a new prompt, but it is an au and one of the best ones out there! maybe a scene back at the farm, like the visit they're packing for at the end? xx


or, in which beleaguered urban fashion plate nick grimshaw and couture country sheperd harry styles go up to the farm for gemma’s 30th birthday. also, nick has something rather important in his pocket. from nowhere better than this place

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