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BrandFire Reimagines Logos Of Companies With Anti-Gay Records By Adding Pro-LGBT Twists

Pride may be over – but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to be.New York-based creative agency BrandFire recently took a little time to reimagine the iconic logos of some companies who have a history of anti-LGBT rhetoric. The agency took a tongue-in-cheek approach and incorporated, of course, the colors of the rainbow flag, but also some hilarious queer slogans.

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Requested by anonymous: Can you write one where him and y/n become brand ambassadors or the new faces of a brand (kind of like Madison and Jack’s AE campaign) and fans just lose it because it’s cute

Note: I died at M&J’S AE campaign so this was so cute to write omg because goals honestly, *NOT MY GIF but I wish the man in it was if you catch my drift


You‘re sitting in Shawn’s living room on your laptop as Aaliyah sits next to you doing some science homework. Shawn had disappeared to the studio for an hour, leaving you the designated tutor for Aaliyah - which you had no problem with, of course.

Your eyes scan over the couple of unread emails in your mailbox, most of it stuff you didn’t want to look at - except for one which caught your attention.

The email was sent to both you and Shawn, spiking your interest as you read it.

Dear Shawn and Y/N,

All of us here at Urban Outfitters are huge fans! Plus, you two are our definite OTP, you’re just too cute to handle, not to mention very attractive! Due to us being such huge fans of Shawn’s career and you two as a couple, we write this email asking if you would be our new brand ambassadors! We would be honored to have you both as the faces of our company and we look forward to working with you shall you accept this offer.

Any further questions? Feel free to have your management and team contact UO HQ and we will gladly answer them in regards to what you need to know!

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