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Although they are presented as harmless, goofy explorations of inane historical side-notes, cable TV specials such as Ancient Aliens and The Lost History of Ancient America normalise expressions of racist intellectual attitudes towards native peoples.

Their basic premise remains: ‘These primitive brown people couldn’t possibly have contributed to our cultural history! It must have been [aliens / giants / prehistorical Europeans]’. Indigenous peoples in North America, Latin America and Africa were practical metallurgists, experimental chemists, civil engineers and urban planners - restoring native peoples to their factual place in human developmental history reveals a dazzlingly beautiful archaeological narrative which throws grubby crypto-fascist conspiracy loons into the shade. 

Busting these absurd, revisionist ahistories is an anti-racist duty.

Night Terrors, Nightmares, Lucid Dreaming, Or Sleep Paralysis?

Do you ever have those dreams that you know you’re dreaming but you can’t seem to wake up?

Well this is my two experiences and they aren’t good ones.

First experience: 

I was 7 or 8 at the time, I lived in this small house and I never felt safe.

Things have happened like doors closing by themselves, voices calling you at night, seeing a small girl go running, or even the feeling of someone tickling your feet at night.

I went to bed at 7PM as I regularly did for school and I remember dreaming that I was in my basement and I had this awful feeling like I was being watched and I knew I was dreaming so I began pinching myself hard but I wouldn’t wake up.

As I slowly walked up the stairs I felt like someone was behind me and I looked back and there it was, the tall black figure with pointy long fingers.

I began screaming and I ran up the stairs and it caught my legs and began dragging me down the stairs and I remember fearing for my life.

I woke up screaming my lungs off and I was sweating so bad, my mom came & held me for an hour as I cried and said I didn’t want to go back to bed.

Second Experience: (2011 maybe 2012)

There I stood, In my high schools hallway. I knew I was dreaming, I had this awful feeling in my stomach & I knew something was immediately wrong.

I began pinching, punching, & even slapping myself but I wouldn’t wake up and I remember all this fear filling me.

I began slowly walking down the hallway and as I reached towards the stairs that led to the lower level the more the fear inside of me increased.

I stopped walking and I couldn’t move, there it was. The thing I had dreamt of before, the tall black figure with long pointy fingers.

I reacted quickly and ran down the stairs, I never looked back and I ran to the schools library. I hid behind the desk where the librarian sat, I began pinching myself again to wake myself up but I still wouldn’t wake up.

I peaked around the corner and the thing came into the library from the other door across the room, I sat there completely still and it was too quiet.

I looked up and there it was, standing behind me. I tried to get up but I ended up falling on my back and I began crawling backwards as it moved slowly towards me.

My arm slipped and I fell so that I was laid down completely on my back, the thing came and bent down and looked me directly in my eyes.

All I remember is its red eyes and that evil smile, it’s finger made its way to my hip and it scratched me and I looked down to see it had scratched an “X” into me.

I suddenly woke up screaming, sweating, shaking & crying.

A small pain filled my hip and I pulled up my shirt and there it was, the “X” the thing scratched onto me.

A few days after that the mark disappeared.

I am Native American so in our culture we believe in Medicine Men & my dad immediately took me to one, they didn’t know what was wrong with me.

Since then I haven’t dreamt of the black figure but I am still terrified that I might see him in my dreams again.

I don’t know what exactly happened but it stays in my mind 24/7.


Hi Everyone!

Ok, so an update for you on the Deep Water Aquaponics System.

If you remember, we began planting this system on 9 March this year, so that makes it around 40 days from planting.

The standout for me are the red lettuces. They have turned a deep red colour and look great! Have a look at the first days planting and see what you think!


The Silver Beet too, the last week has seen a big jump in growth.
In fact since we added the aeration and the trout, it has leaped forward in health and growth.

The only significant laggers are the strawberries, they are very slow compared to the leafy greens both in foliage and root growth.

Other than that, the new system is really showing promise very early. It is yet to finish cycling, but it will get there! 

Very Happy!

22: Wendigo

Native American legends talk about it being humanoid, so thought it’d be cool if they would wander the woods, blind of their own sins until they encounter a new victim, and thus liberated by said sins; open to reveal the horror in their eyes.

PSA to ALL native American women. Especially urban natives

PLEASE beware of anyone that claims that they can help you regain your heritage or get in touch with your spirituality. And I hate to say it but especially if it’s a man.

And I’m not talking about fake shamans that build the new age sweat lodges. I’m talking about actual native American men who exploit and manipulate urban native women who may have lost touch with their heritage.

They usually go after the ones that come from broken homes or broken relationships. A lot of the time these girls are still in high school or just graduated. They know which girls are the most vulnerable. They form bonds of trust over time and are patient with their targets. They usually take on multiple “students” at a time but are careful to keep them a secret from each other. They are extremely manipulative and are very good at earning trust and making their “students” feel whatever they want to feel.

They claim to want to teach the old ways of the ancestors but in reality, all they want is to take young native American women as use them for sex. I never thought this was a big problem in the community until I saw it happen twice within the same year. These men are evil and twisted.

My advice go young urban native women. If you don’t know about your heritage and traditions and want to seek out a teacher. DO NOT PICK A MAN!!!! Men and women have different traditions and different medicine so there is no reason to be taught by a man the old ways.

If it feels uncomfortable. Stop, drop and run like hell. If he tries to force you into something claiming some ancient native custom, don’t buy it in the slightest. Leave and never come back. No real teacher would try to force anything on you.

Please share and or reblog the hell outta this so that our sisters can protect themselves.

I arrived in Mexico yesterday and I went to eat breakfast at a beautiful ranch, and that’s were I met this native doggy. “Xoloitzcuintlis were considered sacred dogs by the Aztecs (and also Toltecs, Maya and some other groups) because they believed the dogs were needed by their masters’ souls to help them safely through the underworld.”

Image by Adriana Damian