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All Space Available. Housing in Lagos is the predominant complaint amongst it’s citizens. Infrastructure is not only poor in this city of 17 million plus but power is scarce. The largest complaint however is having to pay one to two years of rent in advance. This implies more than $1000 USD for a year for a room in a compound for someone who may be single or married and makes less than $250 a month, belongs to the middle class and has few opportunities to save.
An elderly woman prays with her son near Onala in Lagos, Island.

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Hello! You've mentioned in a few places that Essos is more advanced and more urbanized than Westeros. But - though I understand it's about relevance - 1) there are only so many cities mentioned, practically all of them save Norvos, Qohor & Vaes Dothrak are coastal. Doesn't that leave most of the HUGE territory of Essos as just rural hinterland or waste (or ruin)? Do we know anything of it other than the disputed lands ? 2) What do we know of its scientific advancement compared w/the Citadel?


  1. There’s also the unmentioned cities: “We speak of Nine Free Cities, though across the width of Essos one may find many other Valyrian
    towns, settlements, and outposts, some larger and more populous than Gulltown, White Harbor, or even Lannisport. The distinction that sets the Nine apart is not their size but their origins.”
    Essos is so urbanized that cities the size of Lannisport go unnmentioned as unimportant. (Must remember to double-check my Essos population estimates against this.)
  2. Well, Tyrion’s journey down the Rhoyne gave us a sense of the Volantene hinterland, and I’d imagine you’d see similar wrt to the other city-states where room applies.
  3. Here’s what we know: Myr has advanced optics, advanced crossbows (which means a good handle on levers, gears, pullys), “fine woolens, lace, glassworks and tapestries….But Qohor has metalworking on lockdown, Tyrosh has dyemaking and distillation (which suggests chemistry) and competes with Myr on armaments, Lys is a competitor in the tapestries business and has a better chemicals industry than Tyrosh, Norvos is a competitor in the tapestries business, Braavos dominates in finance and is the only place that’s figured out the assembly line and interchangeable parts.” Pretty much all high-valued added manufacturing happens in Essos, as well as a huge amount of commerce in luxury goods (spices, silks, gemstones, exotic animals/skins). Whereas Westeros exports mostly natural resources (food, timber, wool, wine, furs, stone and metal), with a smattering of finished goods (Dornish silks and satins, linen from the Reach, gold and silverware from the Westerlands). So while we don’t know about Essosi higher education (and there’s signs that it must exist), their economies and level of technology are more advanced. So maybe the Essosi go in for applied vs. academic sciences?

Modern twenty-something magical creatures though. Feminist Inuit selkies who are all about calling out faery privilege and reclaiming skin-changer identity. Kenyan werewolves cursed by witch doctors who pay rent by working in hole-in-the-wall downtown bakeries. Ukrianian Vampire exchange students who are super Lutheran and never miss a church service. Gender-fluid kitsunes tending their fire escape herb gardens in the mornings while drinking tea and wearing silk dressing gowns. A collective of dryads who run a re-purposed clothing shop where everything is hand-stitched and free trade. Roving bands of pookahs who graffitti tag bridges and fuck shit up under cover of night. Modern twenty-something magical creatures.

things that i still, to this day, have no idea if are canon or just really widely accepted fanon:

  • kent parson was raised by a single mom and has a cat named kit purrson
  • ransom is planning to go to med school
  • georgia is gay

Title: The Indistinct Notion of an Object Trajectory

Website: http://www.ryotamatsumoto.com

Name: Ryota Matsumoto 

2015, Mixed Media, 30inx22in

My project reflects the morphological transformations of our ever-evolving urban and ecological milieus. These cycles of evolution are attributed to a multitude of spatio-temporal phenomena influenced by social, economic and cultural factors. As Colin MacFarlane interpreted cities as global urban assemblages, perpetually going through reconfiguration with emphasis on the relations between sociality and spatiality at different scales, the urban environment can be defined as a multiplicity that is in the state of perpetual transformation in conjunction with socio-spatial alignment. My vision of future cities addresses the critical sustainable issues in response to the speculative changes in notions of societies, cultures and ecosystems in the transient nature of constantly shifting topography and geology. 

The drawing explores the hybrid technique combining both traditional media (ink, acrylic, graphite, and photo collage) and digital media (algorithmic processing, parametric modeling, data transcoding and image compositing with custom software ). The varying scale, juxtaposition of biomorphic forms, intertwined textures, oblique projections and visual metamorphoses are employed as the multi-layered drawing methodologies to question and investigate the ubiquitous nature of urban meta-morphology, the eco-political reality of the Anthropocene epoch, the advancement of biomaterial technologies and their visual representation in the context of non-Euclidean configuration. Furthermore, the application of these techniques allow the work to transcend the boundaries between analog and digital media as well as between two- and multi-dimensional domains.


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Does it makes real sense that some of the great lords dont control cities directly? The Gardeners/Tyrells have the most populous region but even that they command loyalty of other lords, the Hightowers alone are far more powerful because of Oldtown, so i think its a world building mistake to not exist a city in the mander together with Highgarden. For the Arryns shouldnt be a city inside the vale close to the Eyrie? Greyjoys shouldnt be at Lordsport? Lannisport and sunspear makes sense to me.

I mean, yes, there should be a city on the Mander, or at least two, which is why my econ dev plan had that happen. 

However, I would caution against cities being seen as costless. A city is a large population that does not produce its own food in a world in which 90-95% of the population are needed to do agricultural labor, which requires a lot of food to be imported to it and riots if it that doesn’t happen, and which does not have a positive population growth rate, historically speaking, which means you need to continually import people as well. 

So while cities are certainly highly valuable, they are also something of a luxury commodity. (Which, fyi, is part of where GRRM’s math fails him again: cities of 500,000 are orders of magnitude bigger than almost all medieval cities.)


Preliminary exploration - Camp Meta


I’m kinda bummed they cut this scene from the ending of “Are You Receiving.” Paul swallowing his pride and actually complimenting Kennex on the job well done, and Kennex being the one to start the snark again. It’s really not always just Richard who’s ‘the problematic one’ - John enjoys dishing out too, and often he’s actually the one who casts the first stone in their smackdowns and makes Richard go along with it (e.g. opening scene “Simon Says.”) Well it takes two to tango, right?

This little scene was in the official character bio videoclip for Richard Paul btw. You can see exactly where they cut it from the episode. When John & Dorian arrive at the precinct and everyone is applauding, you can see John and Richard walking towards each other and looking at each other (obviously preparing for a little exchange):

External image

But then it’s a cut and the next frame shows John already heading to Valerie and Richard passing Dorian to walk over to his desk:

External image

I hope there will be lots of cut scenes (and other nice goodies) on the DVD box in general!

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Do you think it would be possible to reshape King's Landing into a grid plan?

Well, you could something if the city burned to the ground…

I don’t know if a strict grid would be a good idea, though. You’ve got those three hills that make grids difficult, and the main diagonal avenues have important purposes, so I wouldn’t want to get rid of them:

If I was redesigning the city, I’d focus more on a spoke-and-hub model. The unnamed square near the Great Sept should be moved and/or expanded a bit to the east where the exact center of the city is, so that it connects directly with the Muddy Way and is more in line with the rest of the gates. Moreover, the city at present lacks a main central plaza for public events and that location would do nicely.

Next, the King’s Gate, the Lion Gate, and the Old Gate lack a major avenue connecting them with the heart of the city, which is bad planning since each connects with a major road and you want traffic to move more smoothly. So I would extend the Muddy Way up to the Old Gate, connect the Rosby Road to the Gold Road, build a new road from the King’s Gate up to that central square past the Great Sept, and extend the Street of SIsters past the Dragonpit to the Dragon Gate. (Honestly, I’m shocked that the East Barracks of the City Watch isn’t directly connected to any major thoroughfares - how do they expect to respond to any crises over int he west of the city? And why isn’t there a Central Barracks?)