urban matrimony


favourite character meme → [2/10] episodes → urban matrimony and the sandwich arts
I refused to give Santa a Christmas list because I didn’t want to depend on any man for anything! And now look at me. I’m Betty Crocker. I’m Martha Stewart. I’m one of the Steppenwolf wives!

Maybe I’ll watch the whole Jeff & Annie story back to back

1x06 Football, Feminism and You

1x09 Debate 109

1x25 Pascal’s Triangle Revisited

2x01 Anthropology 101

2x08 Cooperative Calligraphy

2x09 Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

2x12 Asian Population Studies

2x17 Intro To Political Science

2x21 Paradigms of Human Memory

3x02 Geography of Global Conflict

3x04 Remedial Chaos Theory

3x10 Regional Holiday Music

3x12 Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts

3x13 Pillows and Blankets

3x16 Virtual Systems Analysis

4x03 Conventions of Space and Time

4x13 Advanced Introduction to Finality

5x03 Intergluteal Numismatics

5x13 Basic Sandwich

6x03 Basic Crisis Room Decorum

6x12 Wedding Videography

6x13 Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television

That should be it, right?

Edit: Added 6x03 because you guys said so. Can’t remember so I’m goona watch it again