urban majesty


Wassup Ya’ll 

I’m Majesty to give a little backstory I was raised in the streets of Memphis,TN after the hurricane Katrina hit NOLA. Me,my mom,and sister moved there because of the damage. Shit, I wasn’t mad cause a nigga barely had shit there anyway. Even though, I was nine,at the time, I was fully aware of what was going on. We moved in with my mom’s godmom in Memphis. In Memphis, we still had it hard but it wasn’t like it was in NOLA. At the age of 14, my mother passed away due to breast cancer. So, we ended up moving to Atlanta to stay with Naiyah’s dad, which is my sister. Her dad was cool but he wasn’t my dad so most times we bumped heads,all the times. I started my own hustle of mowning lawns and cleaning people floors for a quick buck. Of course, I knew about street money but I knew my mom was not gonna have it,especially if she was alive. 

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