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We found a bunch of stuff with our magnets, including a very funny fishing assembly. 

anonymous asked:

Any tips for urban outfitters, American eagle and zumiez?

I was about to go “there’s no Zumiez in Canada” when I looked it up to be sure, and yes in fact there is, but I’ve never been to one so I don’t know anything about it :/

Urban Outfitters

  • They have magnet detectors, so try to enter and exit with a large group of people. That whole “put it in your bun” or “walk with your hands over your head and have your magnet in your hand” doesn’t fucking work unless you’re like 9ft tall lol.
  • No cams (at least in all the ones I’ve been in)
  • Things like urbanears and record players are tagged with RFIDs (good luck getting a record player out though, it’d only work in a mall location with exits on 2 floors. You’d have to take it from floor 1, remove the RFID in a blind spot, then exit on floor 2. And that would only work if it isn’t source tagged and no one is paying too close attention… anyways)
  • Instax cameras and film are spider tagged, which I believe can be removed with a magnet, or an alpha detatcher if you somehow have one.
  • None of their accessories, nail polish or home decor shit are tagged, so have at it.
  • If the door has a greeter and you beep, they’re going to try to stop you, keep fucking walking. I think they have a no chase policy, but your intention is always not to beep.
  • I’ve experienced both fitting rooms where they count and don’t count, so you’d need to feel out your individual location (if they take clothes from you and count themselves, that’s when you double hang or conceal on the floor to detag in the dressing room)
  • Don’t leave tags in the dressing room ANYWHERE (including taped to benches) because some locations have been known to check for tags upon every person’s exit.

American Eagle

  • I’ve seen posts saying they use supertags, but I only saw that when I visited the US. In Canada they use pencil tags, and tag gloriously close to the seam so if you have to cut a hole and sew it up later it’s super easy and won’t ruin your clothes.
  • Dressing room attendants take items from you and count (at least where I’ve been) so again, either double hang or conceal in a blind spot.
  • Some dome cameras, but it’s pretty easy to find a blind spot behind a display
  • If you beep, they’ll most likely just wave you through but AGAIN, your aim isn’t to beep.
  • Fewer cams on the men’s side when it’s a location with “rooms” so try to conceal on that side if you can.

hmm yeah, that’s what I can think of right now. Sorry I can’t be any help when it comes to Zumiez, but if you ask around the community I’m sure someone can help you :)

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