urban librarians unite

Do you love cats? Then you should love our weekly Caturday feature - above is our latest installment. Do you love libraries? Then you should roar like the lion in this 1911 cigarette card from our Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection and be heard! Come to Brooklyn today (10 Grand Army Plaza) and participate in a 24-hour “read in” to support libraries, and convince the city to restore library funding to 2008 levels - meaning we can offer more programs, more services, more materials, more everything. All of this “more” is extremely important to the people of New York City and beyond. So come to the rally - by Urban Librarians Unite - sometime between 3 pm today and 4 pm tomorrow and watch or participate (yes, you can read whatever you want)! If you can’t be in Brooklyn, sign a letter of support online! Or at one of our branches! Tell your friends! It takes only two minutes, and could make a serious difference for The New York Public Library. We appreciate it - thank you!

[Note from LW: we are allowing a costume submission just this once for National Library Week!]

Advocacy Outfits!

From left to right:

Christian Zabriskie (Biblio), Founder & CEO, Urban Librarians Unite - Assistant Coordinator of YA Services, Queens Library

Lauren Comito (Librarian Avenger) COO, Urban Librarians Unite - Outreach Librarian, Queens Library

Ingrid Abrams (Wiki Woman) Super crazy awesome member, Urban Librarians Unite - Children’s Librarian, Brooklyn Public Library

New York

A Day in the Life of my Librarian Friend

Difficult Patron: Can I come back into the library?
Public Librarian: well, the last time you were in here you said you hoped that someone would shoot me in the head
DP: I was feeling bad that day
PL: You are drinking a beer right now
DP: I got nervous about this conversation
PL: Let’s give it a try on Monday OK?
DP: OK I can live with that, mind if I just use the bathroom first?

(As transcribed by my friend Christian Zabriskie, Queens Public librarian and co-founder of Urban Librarians Unite.)

We are out doing our work. We are manning the reference desk, hanging fire at the job information center, and holding down the fort in story time. In order for US to do this work we need YOU to help us have the resources to do what we do. We have to have the budget to keep the libraries open. We cannot help people if the people cannot get to us. That bears repeating. We cannot help people if the people cannot get to us.
—  Christian Zabriskie’s blistering, thrilling call to arms, Libraries in New York City: Why We Give a Damn And Why You Should, Too. The hairs on your neck will stand UP.