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Some villainous info in Alan Ituriel’s talk (text found un /co/):

• BH (bad) and 5.0.5 (good) are opposites, same with Demencia (Disorder) and Flug (Order)
• Dr. Flug is based on one of Alan’s friends who is also an engineer and has an interest in planes (and plane crashes…) and so when asked if Flug liked pancakes, he called his friend for the specific purpose of asking if he liked pancakes.
• Demencia was the hardest character to make as she was originally an 8 year old girl but had to be modified. The main influence for her character were hardcore fangirls and a girl Alan met in high school who introduced him to Anime. “She would be a fan of Yuri on Ice”
• Cartoon Network wanted one of the characters to be voiced by a youtuber so they chose Markiplier to voice 5.0.5

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