urban legend of zelda

I love videogame urban legends from a time when there was no internet, or internet was very scarce, because people could make up the craziest shit and absolutely nobody could dispute it without trying it, and even if it didn’t work, ‘well you just didn’t do it properly’.

like there was a rumour that there was a sky temple in Ocarina of Time that you accessed from dropping a bomb in a grotto on Death Mountain. The cow inside would turn purple and fly you to the sky temple where there was the Triforce.

Like wow 10/10 imagination beautiful


Fourth session and this outstanding Ganondorf tattoo by the uncompromisingly talented daemonrowanchilde is complete! I couldn’t be happier with it, he designed it directly on my arm piece at a time as we went using a pile of reference material I collected from the games and working it into his own style, it has been so exciting to watch this whole piece of art unfurl on my arm over these sessions! That’s probably what I love most about getting work done by Daemon, you can leave it in his hands and trust that you’re going to get something amazing.

The Legend of Zelda:

Underworld Enemy #2 & #3: Vire and Keese

“Vire is a devil that controls the Keeses. When Link cuts it with his sword, it turns into two Keeses. Keeses have little attacking power, but Vire is a little stronger.”

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

As natural light almost never finds Hyrule’s catacombs and crypts, they have become the dwelling place for many subterranean creatures. One such creature is the Keese. There isn’t much of a distinction between an ordinary bat and that of a Keese, other than that the evil air found in the underworld has made them unusually aggressive. The Keese don’t pose much of a threat unless they get close enough to bite. However, they are known to flock in groups and are much more hostile and persistent when their masters are in close proximity…

The Keese are controlled by shapeshifting, mischievous and voracious demons called Vires, which are rather strong and hefty, despite their child-like size. Using their knowledge and prowess in the dark sorcery and magic, Ganon’s own dark sect of skilled warlocks were able to create the Vires by combining several Keese together to form unnatural winged beasts, as yet another security measure against any warriors that may pass through the underworld. The Vires’ large wingspans make traversing cramped dungeons difficult and awkward, so they tend to crawl about walls and ledges using their clawed wings and feet and make use of the crypts’ many secret passages and crawlspaces. When in an open space like an atrium or great hall however, their wings allow for extraordinarily fast and graceful travel. Lastly, their ferocity is only matched by their coy intellect, able to toy and tease their way into winning the upper hand in an attack. 


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