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Although they are presented as harmless, goofy explorations of inane historical side-notes, cable TV specials such as Ancient Aliens and The Lost History of Ancient America normalise expressions of racist intellectual attitudes towards native peoples.

Their basic premise remains: ‘These primitive brown people couldn’t possibly have contributed to our cultural history! It must have been [aliens / giants / prehistorical Europeans]’. Indigenous peoples in North America, Latin America and Africa were practical metallurgists, experimental chemists, civil engineers and urban planners - restoring native peoples to their factual place in human developmental history reveals a dazzlingly beautiful archaeological narrative which throws grubby crypto-fascist conspiracy loons into the shade. 

Busting these absurd, revisionist ahistories is an anti-racist duty.


                                                 Cabin Fever

Since I was stuck in the house for what felt like I month 😩, I got myself out the house for some fresh air, I mean I was stabbed not shot. Dropped my nephew off then stopped by a couple stores to pick my Queen out couple things for taking care of me No Lie I dead ass felt like a big ass kid smh. I kept telling her I was gonna take care of her for being so patient, even when my nephew decided to wreck havoc yesterday. I still gotta take it easy a little bit, I still get pain every now and then…

I’m not mean btw, my face just looks it lol

A tipical scene in the underground magical mexican city of Temixtitlan.

The foundation of Temixtitlan it´s lost in the shadows of time, dated it´s foundations to pre-human times, the city was destroyed and rebuilt thousand of times, the great kings of the Xantilmeh ruled the imponent palace of jade, in modern times, the city it´s home of many magic creatures who came from every corner of the known world.