urban labs

Main Street, Houston, Jan. 18, 2017


happy halloween from the power couples of Solitaire !


Sooooo, I attempted a two dog bikejoring team today! I was expecting it to go badly, and it seemed like it would at first but they got it down and did awesome! Natsu was even starting to get his directions down. We had an amazing moment where I tried to cross a mini-pond that I thought was shallow, turned out it wasn’t. But they still pulled my heavy butt out of the water, which was up to my knees. They were so enthralled by this that they went flying once we got out.

I attempted videoing it but failed miserably :( I’ll definitely try to get a nice video in the future though.


Woot! Success this time, I finally got a video of the boys bikejoring. This is only their second time running together. We’re just doing fun minimal stuff right now, Natsu’s still too young for us to do a really heavy work out. 

And yes, that’s the terrible mini-pond/huge puddle they’re running through ;)