urban hybrid

666: Jersey Devil

WE DID IT! Give it up for the main monster of Jersey, LEEEEEEEEEEEEEDSSSSS DEVIIILLLLLLLLL!!!!!

You’re probably wondering why this is a pattern, welll…I started a Society6 a bit back, and this puppy is slapped onto a bunch of cool biz. Like so cool that you’ll go “what?”


I’ll be back to the end of the music monsters after this day, special number and all~

201: Skvader

A Skvader is a mix between a hare and a grouse. It originates from the 20th century in Sweden, when a hunter claimed to have shot a winged hare.

HoLY MACKEREL! Stupefying work by sanderdraws

Composition, form, color, you name it; this piece has it and is being pursued by the police!

Awesome work! 

challahfax-is-back-deactivated2  asked:

I'm studying urban planning, and your last ask re: cities/Highways made me sad cause everything had to come together at once. Cars, Massive population growth and growth in personal income lead to us basically chucking out the model of urbanism for 5000? years in the space of 3 decades, creating the problem that is suburbia and how do we use this (obselete-ish) infrastructure in light of climate change and social reorganization.

I think you are referring to this previous Dear Archy post.

I agree that the idealistic notions that gave rise to suburbia have caused more bad than good. If not everyone can live in cities because of the excessive cost of living in many of them and suburbia only leads to car dependency and lower quality of life then what is the answer? I wish I was bright enough to have an answer but I think in the next few decades we will see some suburbs transform and people will realize there is a wealth of infrastructure available in the suburbs ready for a hybrid denser urban model that could potentially alleviate some of the problems in both ends of the spectrum.

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