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Just how fit are cheerleaders? What fighting styles might suit them best, given the muscles they use the most? Any weapon suggestions? I'm doing some research, but i'm not understanding it. I always understand your blog, though! My character will be fighting monsters larger than her, if that helps any. Thank you in advance! You're the best!


Cheerleading is a sport, especially in the nationally competitive range. It’s like combining dancing with gymnastics except as a choreographed team event. It’s a grueling sport with athletes who are in pretty incredible condition, and like similar sports runs the risk of serious blowouts in the joints which will result in semi-permanent to permanent injury.

When you’re setting up a cheerleading character, the most important thing to remember is that cheerleading is a team sport. This is a character who is better at working with and relying on others than going it alone. The other thing to remember is that they’re athletes. These are driven, competitive, hardworking, and intense personality types when it comes to their sport. These are the girls who ditch their boyfriends for practice (if they have them), and sacrifice their off hours to being the best they can be. Like any athlete training for the pinnacle of they’re sacrificing a lot of personal/life time to be the best they can be. Netflix has the reality show: Cheer Squad, which may help you some. Bring It On is, of course, a classic.

Remember, this is a character who is used to working in a team when under pressure and has a social outlet. They won’t transfer well to working alone, and you’re going to need to either address this or remember to create their cheer buddies. If you want a similar kind of athlete whose sports background primary gears them for working solo when out on in competition then you want a gymnast.

This is part of the real life dynamic where Buffy the Vampire Slayer really lies to you, because if you went with the cheerleader background you’d end up with twenty girls fighting monsters rather than just one. Only one might have superpowers, but you can bet your bottom dollar the others would be ride or die. For the Sisterhood!

So, what does this net you for starting them as a martial artist/monster hunter? It cuts out a lot of the ancillary issues.

We’ve got someone who is: courageous, fearless, a high achiever, nicely conditioned, flexible, with an athletic history which means she’ll breeze through endurance training and the vast majority of basic physical conditioning has been taken care of. She’s got a running start.

You can push her a lot harder in basic training than you can your average recruit who starts with zip. She’s got more control over her body, so she’ll adapt faster. Cheer is just far enough off the basic combat move set that the two shouldn’t conflict too badly when it comes to her currently conditioned reflexes. Coming out of a background in choreography, she’s going to need some retraining for her timing and gets more comfortable with free flowing chaos.

If you wanted a character with parkour for a background, then this is one which can be adapted fairly quickly.

Monster Hunting:

So, you’ve got a big decision to make on the Urban Fantasy front for how this character is going to go about fighting monsters and solving crime. So, I’ll break it down by some of the big supernatural shows.

The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” - The Buffy modus is essentially fisticuffs. You get a superpowered heroine whose essential means of fighting monsters is punching them out. There are a few other weapons here and there like crossbows, axes, and swords, but guns are persona non grata. You get magic from the support characters and someone else does the research.

In the end, Buffy’s approach to the supernatural is fairly limited on the combat front with the interesting bits happening in other parts of the narrative like the character’s personal relationships. If you want a pure human approaching the supernatural from a combat perspective then Buffy is not right for you.

The “Supernatural” - The Winchester brothers… aren’t quite human, but close enough. This model is The X-Files and Urban Fantasy Private Investigator. Your character is more of a Jack of All Trades. They need to be able to do it all: research, fighting with a primary focus on guns, and investigation (especially in the early seasons). This is “determine what the monster is and figure out how to kill it” mode with the occasional problem that can’t be solved. 

The “Charmed” - Magic is the solution. This is where the primary solution to defeating the monsters is through magic. Magic is the weapon, and the focus, and normal weapons are mostly useless.

Unless they’ve got some sort of special, mystical weapon or a setting clear on its rules, a character who hunts monsters needs a fairly wide array of skills because the ancient monsters of myth, folklore, and fairy tales often require diverse solutions that are all fairly specific.

The decisions between guns or not, the level of technology your character will be using/relying on, their skill at researching and hunting down hidden truths in forgotten folklore, and their flexibility with alternative solutions are all on the table. Whether your setting has a “barrier” between the mundane and supernatural world is also a big decision as that will affect what level of strangeness your character can get away with.

When looking at a “standard” weapon for the character to carry, you want one that will fit a wide variety of situations or the ones the character is most likely to encounter.


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FAHC Urban Fantasy AU aesthetic (1/6)

Geoff Ramsey: The Embodiment of the City

Any two bit witch can tell you that magic is life, life is magic. When the forests are uprooted to make room for the concrete jungle, the magic goes from being of the wild, of the elements of nature, into something else. It mutates into something dark and disturbing, not necessarily evil, but a force of chaos to be sure. They call the city Los Santos, and mortals scramble to control it. None of them have the potential to rule it forever, but the newest, they call him Burnie, seems to have a bit of a hold on it. The city, with all its magic, creates a representative, one to help Burns go as far as he can and be there to catch the crown when it slips from his head. And it will… eventually. 

So yeah… I made an AU! Granted, its still tied to the FAHC, but still. Its basically an urban fantasy thing, each member of the FAHC are different, not completely human things, its a little similar to the Spooky Scary AU. Anyways Geoff is basically the embodiment of Los Santos, a body spun out of the litter of the streets, the shine in the eyes from the neon glow of the streetlights, and the veins flooded with hot tempered blood and amber whiskey. Who better to rule the city than the city itself.


Star Trek casts from ToS merged with AoS: (Kirk, Bones, Spock, Chekov, Sulu, Scotty, Uhura, Pike and Khan.

   -from GeekTyrant.com and credited to ThatNordicGuy on Reddit

Writing Prompt #240

Today was the day. I was going to do it. I was going to step into that lake and claim the riches that were said of have sat on the other side. I waded in slowly, the water green and murky. My foot connected with something slimy and cold, and I immediately turned back around to leave.

FAHC Urban Fantasy AU aesthetic: (5/6)

Ryan Haywood: The Reaper You Should Fear

Out of all Ramsey’s dogs, out of every member in the bloodstained court, Ryan is the most well known. Everyone knows the Vagabond, the infamous mercenary that haunts Los Santos’ streets. In the beginning, Ryan swept into the city from parts unknown. One thing was for sure, as soon as he was there, every magic user and fae knew about it, that’s what happens when a Reaper moves into town. Of course, Ryan isn’t the Grim Reaper, but just a Reaper, a creature whose job is to collect those who’s time is up. That life didn’t suit Ryan so he defected, instead of picking up the dead, he made the dead. Reapers are said to be unpredictable and have no loyalty to anyone, but Ryan was no ordinary Reaper. He joined Geoff’s court, drawn in with the promise of more people to kill than he could handle. So now he fights with them, pulling heists, making scores, and destroying the competition. It took a while for him to open up, but eventually the Vagabond slowly warmed up to the crew and became more Ryan than the Mad Mercenary. While Jack is Geoff’s right hand, calm and collected and so very logical, Ryan is Geoff’s left hand, cold and clinical and with a quiet inevitability that death is known for.

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FAHC Urban Fantasy AU aesthetic (2/6)

Gavin Free: Siren of the Sea

Years ago older sailors would tell the greener ones, ‘Stay away from the edge, boys, if you hear any singing plug your ears.’ Most thought they were crazy old men who had been out to see far too long. When the singing started, they didn’t think about anything except sinking into the water. When the world become more modernized, the sirens made their way to shore, grew legs and found new hunting grounds. Now, sirens haunt clubs and bars, squeezing their fingers into the alcohol addled mind of their patrons. Gavin came to shore just like the rest of his species, but instead of haunting the night streets to find an unfortunate victim, he joins the Fakes as a front man, a silver tongued charmer that uses his natural talent to bend anyone to his will.

Devin was just about to gut the damn thing and send it back to hell where it belonged when she came around the corner into the alleyway, looking innocent and fragile as ever.

Devin rolled her eyes. The last thing she needed right now was a frantic, defenseless civilian getting in her way.

“Hey, sweetheart, you might wanna get out of–”

Devin was cut off by the thrusting dagger with a serrated blade and a cryptic inscription through the demons throat. She hardly had time to recover from her shock before the strange girl called to her.

“Start the chanting, we don’t have much time– do it now!”

Though still confused and unnerved, Devin did as told and was soon joined by the girl. She held eye contact with Devin the entire time, through the demon’s writhing and screaming, shaking her to her core.

The demon vanished into oblivion, leaving the two of them alone, just concrete and a dagger between them.

Devin took a hesitant step forward, extending her hand towards the stranger.

“Devin, Devin Ramirez.”

The girl smirked, taking her hand and giving it a firm shake.

“Rachel Cha.”

Devin nodded, finding herself at a complete lack of words from the shock of their encounter– and how hard her heart was beating just at the sight of this girl, this Rachel.

“Thanks for the help there,” she finally stammered. “Though, I had it covered before you came along.”

Rachel chuckled.

“Sure you did, sweetheart.”


Femme x butch sapphic demon slayer gfs for anon + an extra little origin story b/c I’m extra as heck and I loved this idea :)

Bad Things Come In Threes

So this is the first installment in my FAHC Urban Fantasy AU! As always, please do message me if you’d like to know more about the AU or just want to talk headcanons or just talk, I’m pretty much always here! Hope you enjoy


When Burns begs for help from the city, it creates Geoff, a body from idle litter and neon streetlight glow and dirty river water.

He makes the Roosters greater than they could ever be on their own, pushes them to the limits and watches them flourish. Of course, Burns is still the boss, still makes the plans, but with the living embodiment of the city on their side, it gives them a leg up on the competition.

But nothing is immortal. Nothing can stay forever, at least nothing built by mortal hands. So they die, because that’s what mortals do best. In Geoff’s personal experience, dying is the only thing mortals can be depended upon to do.

Hullum got a car bomb, Heyman got a poison martini, Sorola got nothing special, just a bullet to the back of the head.

Burns ran. He ran and he ran, far away from the city. Whether he’s dead or alive, Geoff didn’t really know and it irritated him that the small human part of himself actually cared a little.

Geoff had finally completed the purpose he was made for. He figured at this point he’d just cease to exist, but it seemed that the city had different plans for him.

It whispers to him in a voice that only he can hear, ‘Stay,’ it hisses, 'Be the next king and you shall rule all till the end.’

Geoff likes the sound of that.

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Lolo Love Da Kids…

As promised, to the kids at the rec next to the studio, I came to see them to play basketball. They forgot about our conversation about them not being scared. So since they’re little thugs and thuggets, I showed up like this and scared them half to death. I didn’t think this was that bad, but guess it was for them. They didnt know it was me at first, but when they did they went nuts. Of course I had to take out the contacts for them to stop screaming and know it was me. Had one little boy that would not let go of my leg! Not even for food. Safe to say this may be the one for Halloween.

What yall think? ~Lola B