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News! - The original 1985 Vampire Hunter D will be re-released by Sentai Filmworks! No official word on a price or street date, but Twitter user WTK has already found DVD and Blu-ray Mock-ups that suggest an August release. I’ll definitely post more info as it comes up, as Vampire Hunter D’s been a fan favorite for years, but recently had been out of print for some time.

The Dark Side

Summary: Sam x Ruby 2.0 x Reader threesome with blood kink.

Warnings: Threesome, smutty smut, blood play, knife play

Word Count: 3500 (I can’t do anything short anymore!)

A/N: This one is dark and intense, y’all. And I’ve never written anything like it, so feedback is appreciated.

This was by far the stupidest decision you’d ever made.

You’d heard about the Winchesters, of course. Was there anyone involved in the hunting life that hadn’t? Last you’d heard, Dean was dead and Sam was off the rails, out of his mind with grief.  There were even a few stories floating around that Sam was running around with a demon. You’d never met them, and while you could empathize with losing someone you loved, the Winchesters just felt like some story to you. Some hunter urban legend about the dangers of making deals with demons.

The legend became real when you met Sam.

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Music blogs

I did that other post and then realized I need more music blogs, so I’m gonna post the artists I want to see more of. Please like/reblog if you post these things
-the academy is
-Arctic monkeys
-the cab
-Dan + shay (pls)
-a day to remember
-hunter Hayes
-James bay
-Keith urban
-marianas trench
-mayday parade
-a rocket to the moon
-Sam hunt
-sleeping with sirens
-state champs
-troye Sivan
-the 1975