urban hack

My mom discovered the infinite celery hack and does this to all the celery we buy!

Seriously it’s super easy, you cut the celery off the base (leaving 3 inches or so) and put it in a little bowl with water. Give it fresh water every other day, and don’t fill the bowl all the way! After that, just wait and it will start to grow from there :) 

We planted one recently and it’s not doing too well, but I think it’s just dealing with not having as much water as often. 

Solarpunk rant

I find it interesting that people seem to be thinking solarpunk is just a fancy term for utopian fiction when I always thought it was just scifi with a major environmental slant to it?

The same way cyberpunk has elements of corporate corruption, low-life, hacking, and essential ‘punks taking down The Man’ type of theme, solarpunk has the whole solar powered, green efficiency, clean technology, element to it.

To me they’re both science fiction sub-genres that are not dependent on the whole utopia/dystopia theme. Cyberpunk is not inherently dystopic in my opinion. You do not need a civilization that has broken down from disaster to have someone use computers and technology to create chaos.

Likewise, just because society has become environmentally conscious and efficient does not mean conflict or evil has disappeared. I’m sure there are ways to use solar energy for criminal purposes. Evil has not disappeared just because technology has changed.

Of course there are going to be major differences aesthetically, culturally, and personally for the characters in a cyberpunk story versus a solarpunk story, but just because one short tempered teen decides to take down a corrupt group of people via solar-powered technology or in a solar-powered environment versus an urban one via hacking doesn’t mean that it’s utopic.


Listen up, y'all. I don’t know if this is out there already and someone has figured it out before my Dumbass had the epiphany but you know those weird black writing and numbers on mirrors when you buy them from the local shop cause your cheapass is too poor to buy a ready-made mirror with a frame and a stand? And you gotta diy it? But that annoying writing is ruining your divine mirror selfies, cutting across your beautiful face? Yeah, USE RUBBING ALCOHOL TO SCRUB THAT UNWANTED SHIT out of your glamourous life cause your fabulous self doesn’t need the manufacturer’s useless notes cutting down the likes and notes on your bomb ass pictures. Here’s to more mirror selfies 🎉🎉

Also Happy Pride Month 🌈💛