urban glamour

Fierce as fuck liquid lipstick sigil

So when I wear lip color, I wear crazy bold lip color. Like, purple-black. Maybe blue. None of this pretty and/or natural stuff for me, heh. Makes me feel fierce as fuck.

So I figured why not bury a fierce as fuck sigil under my liquid lipstick. It’s a sturdy dry-to-matte, so it should stay there, tenaciously broadcasting my badassery, ‘til the day is done.

This is sort of an anti-harassment sigil, to make people feel a bit awestruck and compelled to show you some goddamn respect as you wander about town, looking fierce as fuck.

Apply (I’d recommend a toothpick or a teenie tiny brush if you got one), let set, charge as desired, and apply the rest of your lipstick normally to hide it.

I tried to keep it simple so it can be drawn boldly on the lips. As you can see, I am tiny of lip, so if it fits on me, hopefully it will fit on you.