urban exploring

Pump Up the Jam

Descending into the basement of this abandoned house I was greeted by a massive cobweb which covered my camera and head in dusty silk. After clearing the mess from my equipment and eyes I was surprised to find a basement workshop with homemade desks lining the walls and covered from floor to ceiling with machinery and random items. With only narrow paths to walk through this maze I was hunched over trying to avoid being consumed by decades old spider webs while at the same time trying find a way to photograph the chaos that laid before me.

A Ghettoblaster found on the desk of a basement workshop inside an abandoned time capsule house in Ontario, Canada.


Revere, Missouri
Population: 79

“Founded on October 22, 1887 by the Santa Fe Railroad, Revere was ‘probably named in honor of Paul Revere.’ During the period prior to 1900, Revere flourished as an intermediate stop for the railroad.

Revere was a town into the 2000s, but it became a village after a change in state law: a 2009 law provided for the conversion of all towns with fewer than five hundred residents into villages. On July 26, 2011 the United States Postal Service announced plans to consider closing the Revere post office as part of a nationwide restructuring plan. On May 9, 2012 it was announced that a new strategy would preserve the nation’s smallest post offices, reversing the earlier plan.”


The transport ramp

When we reached this place it was bitter cold and it had just begun to snow. We fought through the forest and were thrilled by this sight. It has been over 100 years since this transport ramp was built for a mine. Probably thousands of tons of rock were extracted from the mountain. 

Today there is nothing left of the mine. Only this monumental building can no longer be reconstructed and therefore remains alone and deserted in the forest.