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It used to puzzle me why it was such a common element in urban fantasy settings - particularly those of tabletop roleplaying games - that the reason magic stays hidden is because people don’t want to believe in it.

In the real world, people are desperate to believe in magic. You see it everywhere, from spirit mediums on TV to the horoscopes in the daily paper.

The idea that there’d be an institutional refusal to believe in magic is just so alien to the demonstrable facts of human psychology that it would seriously hurt my suspension of disbelief.

Talking cats and setting things on fire with your mind is one thing, but a human psychology that lacks an inclination toward magical thinking is simply bizarre.

Then it hit me.

The public’s refusal to believe in magic in urban fantasy settings is a stand-in for the perennial nerd fallacy that non-nerds are stupid, and only the special, nerdy elite have the objectivity to understand the world as it truly is.


my personal correspondences for foods...

 So, i know there are different correspondences for these, but here are my personal correspondences and connotations for a few household things!

Milk: Earth ; Feminine. Use in beauty spells, glamours and bath spells. Use to feel more in-touch with the Earth. Warm up and drink with honey to help with self love. Add to drinks for purification, or add to curses for blurry/hazy/chaotic effects. Represents fertility and femininity. Associated with “Mother Earth” deities, like Gaea. Also associated with other mother goddesses, like Hera, Frigg and Rhea.

Peanut butter: Air ; Masculine. Eat to boost intellect and creativity. Represents mental strength and capability. Associated with male nature deities, like Pan and Freyr.

Oatmeal: Represents abundance, nourishment and the Earth. Eat with apples and honey for prosperity and physical health. Associated with grain/harvest deities, like Demeter.

Honey: Represents change, kindness and the spoken word. Associated with “golden” or “lovable” deities, like Dionysus, Baldur and Freya. Also associated with deities which represent communication, like Hermes. Use in glamours and spells to boost your speaking.

Rock Candy: Emotional grounding. Associated with “stern” deities like Zeus and Athena. 

Eggs: Represents new beginnings, union and harmony. Also represents fertility, sex and children. Associated with mother goddesses like Hera and Rhea, and young/child deities. Also represents Air and Earth.

Pasta: Represents the Earth and satisfaction. Use dry crushed pasta in spells involving prosperity. Leave as an offering to grain deities, like Demeter. 

Popcorn: Represents “exploding” feelings and emotions, like love and excitement. Use the kernels as an alternative to cobs of corn to place on your altar or use in harvest rituals. Associated with harvest deities and “cycle” or “rebirth” deities like Osiris.

Grapes: Represents happiness, joy, luxury and celebration. Associated with wine/partying deities like Dionysus, Pan and Freyr.

Marshmallows: Use in sleep/dream magick. Represents kindness, positivity and love and friendship. Associated with sleep deities like Hypnos, and love deities like Aphrodite and Freya.

Cherries: Represents seduction and sex. Use pits in fertility spells - bury the pit by your front steps to attract new love or to increase fertility and prosperity. Associate with love and sex deities like Eros, Freya and Aphrodite.

Graffiti, East Village, New York, 1986.

“Little by little one travels far.”

“They try to find the exit for/from themselves but there is no door.”

Researching modes of belonging and nuanced domesticity in the city; architecture as displayed displacement.

Canon Queer Fiction Part 4/4 (updated 4/27/17)

15) Some Like it Hot: Nobody’s Perfect. 

Some Like it Hot is about two musicians who go on the run after witnessing a mob hit. In an attempt to escape, they disguise themselves as women and join a women’s band heading down to Florida. And as the ancient scrolls say, hilarity ensues. 

  • Pros: one of the best comedies ever made. 
  • Cons: ???

16) Check Please: *The echoing sound of a boy singing Beyonce in the shower*

@omgcheckplease I’m embarrassed I didn’t add this sooner! Welcome to The List.  

Check Please is a webcomic about a college hockey team. Its also really gay. Good stuff. 

17) Black Sails: *Kicks down your door* yO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RUM!

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GAY PIRATES. Suggested by @mangopuffs Thank you based mangopuff.

  • Pros: Gays pirates. 
  • Cons: The nudity is a bit excessive in the first season. Like, game of thrones excessive. So don’t watch it with the kids.

18) Genghis Khan: No relation to the Mongolian warlord. 

Just watch it. Trust me. 

  • Pros: It makes me … happy. In this vale of tears, what more can we ask for?
  • Cons: Its a music video and not a feature length film. 

19) Tobias and Guy: The one with the Bara demon. 

@tobiasandguy Again, I don’t know why I didn’t add this much sooner. 

Its a comic about a guy who dates a demon. Come for the lulz, stay because you can’t click away for the way your hands are shaking and the tears.

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I’m sorry to all five of you out there who are salty about people not liking the New 52 and don’t like to hear this, but high fantasy is always going to be incredibly forced in the batfamily’s genre and while the sentiment behind making Jason ‘special’ is appreciated, I’d appreciate better writing more.

anonymous asked:

I have been reading your stories for hours, and I live all of them! You truly are an inspiration! 😆 (by the way, do you have any fantasy books to recommend? I'm dying for some good books to read during weekends!)

Oh gosh! There are so many great fantasy books this year and I haven’t read most of them! So here’s a short list of my go-to favorites!

The Mercedes Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs (urban fantasy)

Tamora Pierce (everything she’s ever done! Young adult, fantasy)

The Accidental Sorcerer by K.E. Mills (classic film noir, detective, urban fantasy)

The Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep

…and more! I’ll take a look at my bookshelf when I get home. Some I just remember from their plots so I’ll have to check out the titles!