urban diaries


22-26th March 2017

Well, I have been busy. Drawing, anyway. Not working. I wasn’t in the mood to be doing something as productive as working. Dear God, no. I officially have no idea what I’m doing with my college art project so I’m saving that up for the Easter holidays, and right now I’ll just do what I do best … nothing. plus an occasional drawing

FYI in the middle photo where it says ‘10 things I hate about that bitch Amanda’ was just a joke to wind her up, as when I post photos of my sketchbook on Facebook or whatever, she always zooms up really close to read every microscopic section of text. the writing under there us just random crap and I pixelated it out to annoy her lol


My friends Kristen, Amanda and I went to Costa after college, our weekly meeting point where we gather to complain about everything annoying that happened that week at college. I enjoy this time. Its a bit like therapy (and god knows we all need it) Our week of college actually ends at 1pm on a Wednesday, as we are not required in after that, but it leaves us with a shit tonne of work to take home and keeps us busy and stressed until the following Monday morning, when we start the week all over again. This week’s converation topic was about how inconvenient the two week long Easter break is next month, as it means the college will be shut when we need in to do stuff for upcoming deadlines

ugh deadlines