urban dandy

anonymous asked:

oh kelly, supreme witch classic hollywood glam rich black widow, can i ask your favorite nick look? i know there are many more serious contenders to choose from but i would love to hear your opinions on his best sartorial choices

okay let’s sit down together, good friend and ally. let us sit at my sleek glass coffee table beneath the glow of my incandescent chandelier i inherited from my late husband’s mother. this will be a journey. a difficult journey, an arduous trek through stylist’s closets and racks of topman jackets because: i love nick grimshaw’s fashion choices. i love them. patterned suits!! floral shirts!! tailoring, my sweet grapefruit. he gets his suits tailored. i am of course not saying anything here about neglectful skinny jeans mcbeetlejuice harry ‘uh what is a tailor exactly?’ styles. nothing at all. 

anyway, back to our topic. i’m sure i will neglect many looks on this comprehensive detour through the lands of london menswear ambassador nick grimshaw’s sartorial adventures. i was looking in particular for one choice photograph of our hero atop some sort of, i don’t know, farming jalopy (i do not know about farming) wearing a giant fur coat and round sunnies, but i couldn’t find it. let’s hold that image in our minds anyway. i relate to it. it is spiritually important. 

this is a very important fur-trimmed grey jacket nick wore to burberry menswear 2k14 and if you have a spare one i would like to borrow it for nobody in particular, just everyone i know, it’s fine. glamour magazine is fixated on calling nick an ‘urban dandy’ and honestly, i love it??? if i had my way the world would be populated solely with urban dandies and the odd country house fop. no apologies. 

when nick wore this 1970s porn star jacket with leopard lining, no less than three people linked me to it on twitter. 

the key to menswear — and most fashion, honestly — is layering. the door to menswear is tailoring. the letterbox to my heart is giant glasses. the foyer to menswear is a waistcoat. i didn’t make the rules.

love this suit, especially paired with the stripey top. look at that pocket square, if it is floral i shall award several imaginary glitter stars to the wearer: pattern mixing is every kind of my dream. i am on every kind of board for anything you could, theoretically, term ‘dapper’. 

in this fan pic he looks like an alien beamed down to earth from planet fashion and that is, honestly, everything i want from a look. the fan looks so cute as well! i like her camel coat. 

now i could keep going, as in searching for the answers to this post/the universe i rediscovered dozens of looks i could easily term as ‘yes i agree’, but let’s just linger here. i still can’t find that viscerally accurate picture of him in a field wearing a bear fur coat. if anyone has that, please let me know. thank you.