urban creatures

 “They say if you hold your breath for exactly 13 seconds at 3 a.m, while passing through the Grapevine on the thirteenth of the month during a new moon, you’ll be able to see the Spirits of the Liminal for seven seconds. Do not blink.”*

*No one says this. I made it up.

Just a little speed painting inspired by one of my favorite liminal spaces on the way into the Los Angeles area in California. 

MONSTERS CROWD, CREATURES CALL returns on August 4th, rewritten from the ground up! It still has the same plot and cast, just tweaked the writing so it fit what I was going for. 

Monsters Crowd, Creatures Call is a horror, fantasy and coming of age comic about monster teenagers in the 1980′s. The comic features a diverse cast of LGBT+ characters and characters of color that will develop as the story progresses. Follow the “Monster Crowd” while they deal with the threats of hunters and high school!
Will be updating every Friday.

The person that took this alien picture didn’t know they had the picture until they took the roll of film to get developed. Then when they took a look at the pictures they were stunned to find this haunting alien picture staring back at them. To this day the couple from Oklahoma still have no idea how the picture got onto their camera.

Orkney Mermaid

Off the North coast of Scotland there is a group of small islands that band together to form Orkney. Out of the 70 islands only 20 of them are inhabited, the biggest of which is referred to as the Mainland.

There have been many sightings of mermaids in Orkney but the Deerness mermaid is by far the most famous. The sightings of the Orkney began to happen in 1890 over a period of a few summers. The Deerness mermaid used to show herself to visitors to Newark bay with little to no fear of being spotted. It pretty much started off as a bold rumor but then literally hundreds of eyewitness reports came forward.

There are no real details about her appearance as she swam a short distance from the shore to stat safe. There is one known report that offers a vaguely decent description of the creature but it’s not exactly what you would expect.

The report claimed that the creature was a rather frightening seven feet in length and had a dark black head and neck upon it’s shoulders. The skin of it’s torso was a deep pale white color and it had long arms that it used to swim about in a waving motion. It also rather creepily slid up and down rocks under the water – using them to protrude and then disappear back into the water again. It was as if she (it) was waving through the water in a sort of dance motion.

Sightings are not mentioned nowadays, but many children learn about the legend of the Orkney at a young age.


What Is This Weird Creature With Wings found in an office in Mexico City in January of 2016?

The creature looks like a small human with wings, like a fairy. But could it be an ancient locust, similar to the locust creatures in Revelation 9, insect-like creatures with human faces or maybe it is a flying humanoid?
Biologist have examined and X-rayed  the creature and have confirmed that it has indeed got an internal bone structure leaving the theory of actual fairies up for debate. Video

Daily Monster 254: The Black Bird of Chernobyl

Region of origin: Chernobyl, Ukraine

It’s said in the days leading up to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster there were sightings of a black creature, resembling a headless winged humanoid with two large red eyes, appearing throughout the city before finally appearing over the plant itself flying through the smoke after the explosion occurred. Additionally these were accompanied by locals reporting they had received strange phone calls and were having intense nightmares. In other words, basically an MO identical to that of the Mothman of West Virginia in the Sixties. And also like the Mothman, the Black Bird was never sighted again after the disaster, seemingly disappearing after delivering its vague prophecy.

Name: Krampus
Area or Origin: Germany

In contrast to Saint Nicholas who rewards well-behaved kids with gifts, The Krampus is a demonic figure that deals with those who aren’t so nice. Krampus are described as having dark hairy bodies, goat legs, hooves and pointed horns and oddly, a human foot on one leg. In many variations, their sharp pointed tongue may be sticking out, but not in all cases. They carry chains, thought to symbolize the binding of the Devil, and wield a bundle of birch branches to swat children with. They are also often seen with some sort of basket or tub on their back to carry off naughty children who’d promptly be eaten or punished in some way.