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Laundry magic

Charm your washing machine, or your favorite machine in your building or at the laundromat.

Put a water and heat safe object in your pocket before you put it in the laundry. You can cleanse while you clean.

Laundromats are serious crossroads. A great place to spread or dispel.

Use a washable marker to write a sigal on a dryer sheet.

Or on your detergent.

Sprinkle your detergent into the washer counter clock wise.

Divine using the window in the dryer.
If you use a laundromat try divining other people’s fortunes using the window in their dryer.

Detergent scents are based on herbs and flowers and they have great names. I use Gain for money, Tide for luck, Snuggle for love, Bounce for resilience and OxyClean for confidence.

Always remember there is magic in the mundane.

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Hey everyone! My name is Courtney and I am a new witch blog. I’m looking for some new people to follow, so please like/reblog and I’ll follow you back, especially if you post about any of the following:

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Great Britain - East Coker, Edinburgh, Milldale, Lincoln, Loch Torridon, Warwick, York, Lulworth, Cambridge, Lyme Regis

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Hi friends!

My name is Dana and I am a beginner witch in the Tumblr stratosphere. 
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Looking for witches!

Hi everyone! I’m looking for loads more blogs to follow so if you’re a witchy blog that’s not just pretty pictures please reblog this and I’ll follow you!

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If you follow Treading Art then you have picked up on our fascination with Pittsburgh and the entrepreneurs who make this city a unique and vibrant place to live. For this shop tour we spent a Saturday morning with our friend Linda Nawrocki. Linda was one of the first people we met when a walking meeting through the Allegheny Cemetery landed us at her doorstep. A few branches later and Winey Wednesdays at the shop, she has become a dear friend. We are delighted to share some of her stories and motivating tips.  

Name:   Linda Nawrocki

Age:  41  

Hometown:   Pittsburgh, grew up in Aspinwall

Title/Shop:  Owner of Urban Cottage

Year Started: 2012


  • Will you share any techniques, quotes or methods that help you stay motivated?

I would have to say the biggest motivation is that I really love what I do. There is a bit of dreaming in finding products for the store, so I get to have a sense of awe. I sometimes call getting shipment Christmas because there is something special, like a kid on Christmas morning, every time I open a new product. Another thing that gets me through is great friends and customers.  I feel like owning a Retail Store is like golf. You might be having a bad game, but as soon as you’re have a great shot, you are loving Golf again. Some things take 37 times as much effort as you would like,  but no matter when you get that ‘why is this such a struggle today" feeling, there always seems to be that person who pops in the store who will restore your love of the effort.   Maybe that is what it is really about, you have to love the effort, not just the payoff.
  • What advice do you always keep at the front of your brain?

No matter what the outcome, I am living the dream. Sounds silly, but I keep in mind that I have been able to pursue a dream that I have had since I was a kid. The other thing I try to remember is the you are in zero control of other people. That means always having a Plan B and sometimes thinking through a possible Plan C or D. The alphabet has a lot of letters you might need to use to find success.
  • What drives your picks for shop merchandise?

I spend a lot of time looking at home trend. That is easy because I am in love with it. What are people doing that is new and fun.  I also attend the NYNow Tradeshow in NYC. It is 2,700 companies with home and gift products - it is like an alternate universe of home decor love. I sometimes ask, when I was in my late 20s and early 30s, could I have afforded that? Would I think that was special enough to lay out the cash for it? There is also the vintage side of the store as well. My overall approach to my own home is a combination of new, upcycled and vintage finds. Good vintage takes a lot of time and effort. But for me, that is more about instinct, and imagining how something you find at a flea market will integrate into someone’s home.  That might be my home, a friend’s home or even my mom.
  • Is there a model you followed when starting your business?

There wasn’t anything specific. I just had an idea in my head of all the small shops I am in love with.  There are places that I have walked into over the years and though “Oh My Goodness, this place is fabulous”  I think if I can get a few people to have that reaction, I am doing the right thing. From a business standpoint, I used a lot of business model templates to create a business plan and financial plan. Having a background in online marketing, I already knew how I wanted to handle the web, email and social media. There is so much out there to help you get off the ground.
  • In your mind, what qualities make for the best entrepreneur?

Agility- meaning always being able to adjust to what happens. You can make the best plans, and it won’t happen the way you think. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is coming at you fast out of left field. For me, there is a certain speed implied about Agility because you can’t wait to react to a good or bad situation. A great entrepreneur will capitalize on it immediately. Self-promotion- you have to be your own best advocate. When you are small, you are your brand and your best channel of promotion. It is something that I don’t always do very well. Great entrepreneurs have a true belief that you will be better off by knowing about their products/service.