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Google "Dutch braids" before spewing racism. Seriously, Google it. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when you see what comes up. White women can't wear it, eh? Well, tell that to the Dutch of 900 AD...

You’re a bug already honey. That post EXPLICITLY points out white people wearing braids popularized by BLACK people, specifically in a ‘hip hop’/’urban’ context. Don’t get all twisted up bc you put your hair in braids a while back and thought you looked fly like all of those instagram girls, boo. You, Katy Perry, and all other ugly-hearted little white girls can get fucked and just admit that you’re commodifying Blackness like everyone else.

Oh and by the way? Here’s the really fun part: when it comes to that double-braid, ain’t NO ONE IN AMERICA dressing like a Dutch person. Every single person wearing that hairstyle on trend today is hearkening back to either girls in the hood or native americans. Why? Bc white people hate being white and don’t carry their own cultures. Which is why you have ppl wearing double braids and hoop earrings with long acrylics, double braids and typing in AAVE, double braids and ‘free spirit’ fashion and a ‘boho’ headband. No one cares about your Dutch shit at all honey and you know it. Thing is, that’s y’all’s fault.

So take a sip of that. You were a damn fool to come to my inbox with this foolishness first thing in the morning.

And bitch? Telling white people they’re appropriative isn’t racism. White people being appropriative is. Get the fuck away from me you disgusting little snowflake oppressor.

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Thoughts on the Transbay Terminal in SF?

Transbay Transit Center by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects is described as “a state-​of-​the-​art multimodal transit station in downtown San Francisco, linking 11 transit systems and connecting the city to the region, the state, and the nation. The innovative, highly sustainable design includes a 2.2-hectare (5.4-acre) rooftop park that will anchor the growth of a new mixed-​use neighborhood.

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R▲ – Russian visual {linguist}, whose graphics and m o t i o n perceived in sync with sounds, reveal __hidden/ introvert codes of virtual and material realities. Inspired by electronic music and video***games, he created the artistic language 0f urban poetry rhymed with electric scent of ozone, city wires, asphalt, reinforced concrete/ and glass, giving an u n d a t e d impression of statics and movement and a painful idea of something you`ll never know and very unlikely see 0_j.
His artwork in P r a g u e is a visual magnet, a motion graffiti reinterpreting traditional Russian __script (‘Vyaz’) in a modern glitch,,,aesthetics. The saying [means] 'You are here’ drawing a parallel between city mapping and every m0ment self-awareness. The lettering shows __the e f f e c t of seamless repeating changes in motion due to particular animation tricks, though the viewer`s eye ±±± cannot catch the moment when it actually happens. Urban context is changing ~Z~ every second you just need to open your mind and feel it………………………“”“;

Every ‘relation’ with architecture I’ve had was a relation with nature. Nature isn’t only about plants, it’s about the whole climate - the general surrounding (of the building), the people, even the movement of time.


I like this quote because it captures the effect successful architecture has on me personally. A great structure can make us more aware of the beauty of its environment - the landscape it frames, the character and movement of light, the activities of people in and around it. The most effective architecture (in both natural and urban contexts) seems to be that which is both sensitive, and generous, to its surroundings.

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Hola! Tengo un trabajo de la facultad en la que tengo que analizar la casa curutchet de le corbusier, tengo que investigar todavía pero por esas casualidades de la vida vos tenes algún archivo importante o fotos fuera de lo normal o datos que normalmente no se encuentran para caritativamente donarme? Jajaj bueno muchas gracias de cualquiera manera, me encanta el laburo que haces con el blog! Súper informativo siempre

íGracias! No tengo mucha información del proyecto, ojalá tuviera algo que pudiera compartir contigo.


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anon i just got, i’m not going to publish your ask because i don’t want to call anyone out but i will say that the movie hard candy came out in 2005 and was what first launched ellen page. juno was her first break into mainstream hollywood but hard candy was a big deal when it came out. it wasn’t just some irrelevant movie.

and it was called hard candy for a reason:

Hard Candy is a 2005 American psychological crime thriller film focusing on the torture of a male sexual predator by a 14-year-old female vigilante. 

the term isn’t something that was coined on urban dictionary. the context of that term isn’t new by any means and i guarantee you at least one person in the writers room would have known what that meant and people at the label/pr level ABSOLUTELY would have known as well. and still they chose to stick with it rather than making a minor tweak because they knew it would another great homage to the bowie and jagger imagery they’ve been using to prop up harry’s campaign.

just because some random fan apparently wasn’t familiar with the term means nothing. ignorance is not an excuse.

also i think it’s deplorable to act like the people who have been triggered by the line in the song are somehow overreacting. if you can’t respect the feelings of victims of abuse and instead choose to defend the system that enabled their abusers in the first place then you should be ashamed of yourself.

Last Sunday I gave my first (beta) Street Photography Workshop here in Mexico City. It was personal one. I shot this picture as an example of urban context / composition.

// More of my Street Photography: http://cybergus.tumblr.com

“Deep colors, rough textures, and broken patterns constitute a reinterpretation and abstraction of the existing urban context of Detroit as a form of low-relief rustication. This extensive facade completely conceals the contrasting aesthetic of an inner courtyard which has abstract qualities in a plasticity of pink colors and soft dimpled textures” Thesis model by Undergraduate Thesis Prize winner Hyunji Kim (Advisor: Michael Young and Melissa Shin) @hyunjikim_ 📷: @sciarc

Trek Discord Gothic:

  • He’s from Massachusetts. She’s from Massachusetts. They’re from Massachusetts. You have never even been to Massachusetts, but you begin to suspect that you, too, may be from Massachusetts.
  • Spork is god, yes, but some remember a time before that was true. Nobody speaks the name of the elder gods. The very name “Ska” might burn lesser mortals’ lips.
  • You wake up one day and everyone’s names have changed. The names of those who haven’t been on in months are changed. Your name is changed. You suspect that some cataclysmic event may have happened while you were asleep, but have no idea what it might’ve been.
  • Spork has made a typo. No, Spork has not made a typo. There never was any typo. Shhhhhh.
  • It is 1AM. Spork is going to read fanfic, main chat says. Come onto voice chat! Everyone is on voice chat! Everyone is on voice chat, but everyone is silent. Spork is giggling madly. There is nothing but this stifled cackling for hours.
  • Here, it’s the morning. Here, it’s almost midnight. Here, spring is coming. Here, fall is beginning. Time isn’t real. The two people from Australia might not exist on the same plane of reality. They certainly don’t seem to speak the same language as everyone else.
  • How’d this person join chat? Oh, they’re Trekkie’s friend, from school. Well, how’d this person join chat? Oh, they’re Trekkie’s friend, from school. And how’d this person join chat? Oh, they’re Trekkie’s friend, from scho—
  • You have another dream about doohan. It occurs to you that you don’t know what doohan looks like, at all. It doesn’t matter. Simon Pegg is there. He’s smiling. He gives you squid ink.
  • There are 20 new pinned messages today. All are pictures of Karl Urban with no context. All were posted by Ashely. Ashley is not here anymore. Samantha is.
  • The icon is an egg. The egg has a poorly-drawn face. The egg is grinning at you. The first origins of the joke are lost to time; but the grinning egg itself remains.
  • This is Star Trek chat. Nobody has mentioned Star Trek in a week. Today, you, who have watched only DS9, are having a conversation about Star Trek with someone who has watched only the AOS movies. You’re not really sure what they’re talking about. It doesn’t matter. You’re both having fun.

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First Look: The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

The upcoming Paris Motor Show will provide the venue for the unveiling of the GTC4Lusso T, the first four-seater in Prancing Horse history to sport a turbo-charged V8 engine, hailing a whole new Ferrari GT concept aimed at owners seeking a car that is sporty and versatile, as well as a perfect daily driver.

The new GT effortlessly marries elegance, superb occupant comfort and sportiness with the thrilling driving dynamics delivered by a combination of rear-wheel-only drive, four-wheel steering, lighter overall weight and increased weight bias towards the rear (46:54).

The car’s 3.9-litre V8 turbo is the latest evolution to emerge from the engine family that was nominated the 2016 International Engine of the Year. Its maximum power output is 610 cv at 7,500 rpm while maximum torque of 760 Nm is available at between 3,000 and 5,250 rpm.

The V8 turbo’s characteristics suit day-to-day driving in urban contexts: a rich powerful soundtrack in acceleration that becomes more muted at lower speeds, rapid pick-up from low revs courtesy of versatile, modular torque delivery and, last but not least, excellent range.  

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What are your thoughts on redesigning buildings instead of maaking new ones? Do you have any favorite projects? I feel like we have so many great buildings today, costly to remove, that just need altering.

Architects do try to save good buildings from demolition. If there is a building standing on a site that we are set to redevelop we always analyze if there is any way to save the existing structure, for a number of reasons: to save money, to maintain the urban fabric/context or just to save an important piece of architecture. 

But the truth is that many older buildings would require too big of an economic investment to save, don’t comply with building codes or do not merit maintaining. I know it sounds cold hearted but unless you are developing a project with your own money most of the time you will have to find the most economically viable route to get the project built. Cities as we know them are always evolving, and if they are fully built out like NYC or London, you will have to find ways of thread new structures into the urban fabric. Sometimes we lose great buildings like the American Folk Art Museum in NYC, but other times we make room for new structures that improve our cities.

My favorite projects tent to be those that are respectful without trying to mimic. A new building that tries to look 100 years old is usually a failure in my book. A recent project that is a success in my book is the School of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter built in a tight site with a very tangible cultural and historical context manages to be respectful of the context by being a totally original piece of architecture.

School of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

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Joachimstrasse has been awarded the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA) Prize Berlin 2015. The jury commended the ensemble at Joachimstrasse as a successful architectural solution within a difficult urban context. Chipperfield’s Berlin team added four concrete blocks to a former piano factory in Mitte to create their award-winning studio. The renovated and extended complex serves as both a home and office for the British architect.