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Thank you, thank you, thank you, a THOUSAND times thank you for the post-into darkness art you've done. You're wrapping up a hole in my heart and your style is so nice and lovely and they're such good moments you captured just. Thank you a lot. 💛💛💛

into darkness gave many people many feels apparently

(aka thank you)

having finished my buffer my webcomic SCAPEGOATS will FINALLY be launching sometimes during next month 

some of you might recognize it from the very first visual concept done last summer, it’s been a long way since then, but it is finally ready to be thrown into the wild 

SCAPEGOATS is a rescue mission turned pseudo roadtrip through a near phantasmagorical america where hell, heaven, and everything in between exists, just not really as described in the books. Set in the late 90s, it follows Sol, a con man, who falls right into heaven’s sight after tricking a man desperate for friendship into taking the blame for his latest -too ambitious- failed scam. Forced to dive back into the past he nonchalantly put behind him until then, the long list of people he scammed leaves him with no ally but the newly sent, yet brutal angel who pressured him into righting his wrong and their devilish, cunning ‘friend’, who pretends to tag along solely for the fun.

It will update weekly on mondays, starting with the full five page prologue. I’m still setting everything up but it should be available to read on tapastic and comicfury, as well as having a tumblr dedicated to extras and updates to not flood this blog too much. I will also keep up with updates on my twitter !


Inktober 2017 - Day 2

I decided to not draw according to the official prompt list of Inktober but rather follow multiple Inktober themes (also some I made up haha). Today it’s Witchtober time so have a mordern witch on her way through the city~
Yes that’s a pendulum app which shows you the way to your destination.


I’ve been looking into Urban Photography for my A level art project on human trace, I’m fascinated by the way you can see the history and atmosphere of a long abandoned place even with the absence of people. After tons of research and planning I managed to get into the abandoned Haggerston Baths. I couldn’t stay for very long which was a shame as I would have liked to have a better look around but I still love the photos that I got out of it. The only problem I’m having with this photoset is that my art teachers keep telling me to push the photos in a direction and to do something else with them but I’m at a loss for ideas. If anyone has any ideas I’d really appreciate hearing them.

Demolished, July 27 2012.

The Phlegm art on the doorway/wooden panel was already long since stolen away. But here’s what it looked like a little later: