Welin x S.Kape289

Danish graffiti artist Welin working on a collaboration with S.Kape289 from Germany. The mural is to raise awareness about the forced disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School in Mexico 11 months ago. (Bushwick, Brooklyn)

Welin painting in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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Street Artist: Brusk

Brusk (featured previously) is French artist born in 1976 in Lyon, best known for his dripping style, who craves new techniques and discusses various media (photo, video, computer), thereby pushing its limits and opening up new creative worlds. Brusk is a member of the Da Mental Vaporz crew.

In his first Parisian show “Ad Vitam Eternam?” in June 2015 at Galerie Itinerrance, Brusk concentrated more than twenty years of exceptional practice on a series of paintings and sculptures.   

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Pieces by Scott Hove for Banksy’s “The Dismaland Show”.

English graffiti artist Banksy has just revealed to the world his plans for his upcoming exhibition in a seaside resort town of Somerset, England. Opening August 22nd, “The Dismaland Show” is located inside an original full-scale and particularly dismal theme park called “Dismaland: Bemusement Park”. The artist has a personal connection to the abandoned site, which previously housed a facility where he took swimming lessons as a kid. Now it is what Banksy calls a “family park that is unsuitable for children” – and he has been quick to add that it is not street art.

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