Ball Is Life: Venice Beach: Los Angeles, CA


We’ve already seen murals and graffiti turned into a moving image with a simple, stop-motion animation. From Blu’s elaborate 7-minute video “Muto” (Silent) to INSA’s captivating graphic based “gif-ffiti” series, featured here on our blog, the idea of bringing life to walls has been a challenging one that street artists have enjoyed for years. What we haven’t seen yet is a photo-realistic mural turning into animation, and Croatian artist Lonac did just that as an early Valentine’s day treat. 

Lonac’s “Heartbeats” Mural Animates a Heart Pumping Blood


Isaac Cordal has been leaving his sculptures of tiny cement figures in cities all over the world for years. Featured on our blog, his artworks hidden in plain sight feature gloomy people wading helplessly in puddles, other times peering through cracks in the sidewalk and concrete walls. They are part of an ongoing series that he calls “Cement Eclipses”. Cordal explains, “Cement Eclipses is a critical definition of our behavior as a social mass. The art work intends to catch the attention on our devalued relation with the nature through a critical look to the collateral effects of our evolution.” The Spanish artist recently updated his site with his latest works, installed in New York City in November. 

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