urban alienation

063-GRELIEN [Grey Alien]
-The Nightcrawler pokemon
-Ability: Unnerve - Telepathy(HA)
-Dex: “This small pokemon are said to inhabit deep within the forest, but come out of their homes at night, often seen walking deserted streets and parks, sometimes even coming into people’s backyards. Although they don’t seem to be aggressive, their presence is said to be accompanied by strange occurrences, such as lights in the sky and mysterious disappearances.”-Moveset:
    -Scary Face

–>Evolves at lvl 13<–

064-BEKLUDE [B.E.K(Black Eyed Kid)-Delude]
-The Black Eyed Pokemon
-Ability:  Unnerve -Telepathy(HA)
-Dex: “This mysterious pokemon are often found in pairs wandering in the night, and are said to approach people in their homes, communicating with them telepathically and asking to be let in. Looking straight into their eyes is said to cause disorientation and drowsiness, with people who have come in contact with this creatures having troubles remembering large periods of said encounters.”
    -Mean Look

–>Evolves with Dusk Stone<–

065-SLENDROB [Slender-Rob]
-The Faceless Pokemon
-Ability: Unnerve - Telepathy(HA)
-Dex: “Often referred as a legend, they are said to live in the deepest part of the forest, and are often said to watch over large herds of BEKLUDE. They are powerful psychics, and despite their calm nature, can become easily enraged if a member of the "herd” is in danger, to which they will respond bombarding the threat with mental shocks that can leave it with a disabling migraine.“
-Sig. Move: Psycho Crush "the user bombards the oponents mind with it telepathic power, this may reduce the opponents speed and special defense.”
   Type: Psychic
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 100
   Accuracy: 100%
    -Dark Pulse
    -Nasty Plot

Although they are presented as harmless, goofy explorations of inane historical side-notes, cable TV specials such as Ancient Aliens and The Lost History of Ancient America normalise expressions of racist intellectual attitudes towards native peoples.

Their basic premise remains: ‘These primitive brown people couldn’t possibly have contributed to our cultural history! It must have been [aliens / giants / prehistorical Europeans]’. Indigenous peoples in North America, Latin America and Africa were practical metallurgists, experimental chemists, civil engineers and urban planners - restoring native peoples to their factual place in human developmental history reveals a dazzlingly beautiful archaeological narrative which throws grubby crypto-fascist conspiracy loons into the shade. 

Busting these absurd, revisionist ahistories is an anti-racist duty.

Creepy Qs
  • 1. Do you believe in aliens?
  • 2. Do you believe in ghosts?
  • 3. Favorite urban legend?
  • 4. Favorite classic monster?
  • 5. Favorite horror movie?
  • 6. Favorite science fiction movie?
  • 7. Are you a Rocky Horror Picture Show virgin?
  • 8. Would you become an immortal if you had the choice?
  • 9. Would you sleep in a haunted house?
  • 10. Your worst fear?
  • 11. Ever had a recurring nightmare?
  • 12. If you were a witch, what would your powers be like?
  • 13. Near death experience?
  • 14. What would be your weapons in the zombie apocalypse?
  • 15. Are you afraid of the dark?
  • 16. If your soul was an animal, what would it be?
  • 17. Favorite fairy tale?
  • 18. What would you do if you knew it was the last day of Earth?
  • 19. Is there anyone you would die for?
  • 20. Do you believe in reincarnation?

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The Mothman: By Lennon Black

I was so obsessed with The Mothman when I was in High School. To me he was the more mysterious urban legends, which probably drew me to him.  Any way here is my interpretation of him.

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