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On Alyse (Left) ⚜

On Eve (Right) ⚜


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We have SLIDERS! Check out the booty, breast, thigh and posture sliders by @simonario Black Cinema. The link is located in the video description. I’m excited! I hope you are too! Don’t forget to hit that like button!


Lunvr’s Art Collection Vol. 5 - Melanated

I finally got my lazy ass in game to take previews of this but here is the new artwork, I called it Melanated cause wow isn’t it so pretty and full of melanin, credit to the lovely 4everestherr on IG please support her! She has a commision, great artist! And Sims4Studio for the mesh. Hope y’all love this as much as I do, please tag me if you would like to show me pics of it in game! I would love to see what you do with them!!! Happy Simming, download under the cut!

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200 Subbies Gift

I received 200 subscribers on my Youtube channel today so I decided to create posters in honor of it. Thank you guys so much for your support over these six months that I have been doing videos. I love you guys!

Join KM GANG: Here

The Lovely Ladies Posters: Here

Mesh for them: Here 

The Lovely Kiddos Posters: Here 

Mesh for them: Here



  • Don’t re-upload on pay sites
  • Give credit when credit is due
Calling all Maxis Match Simblr’s!

Soo, I’ve finally decided to get back into Simming (mainly because of toddlers) and I wanter to share my sims with other people. Plus the fact I’ve always loved giving my sims a storyline to keep it interesting so I decided why not create a simblr?

But basically, I want to follow other simblrs like me who do Sims 4 Stories but also I would love to follow some maxis match creators, berry simblrs, urban simblrs, legacy/generations etc..

I’m currently following like 20 people and my goal is maybe 100-120 simblrs.

So pleaseeee reblog so I can follow you! 



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                                          U R B A N  M A R F A  

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