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Last Night’s Vibez

My neighbor had a birthday party at a club last night and invited me, I mean she’s my neighbor so of course I had to go show face. Party was lit af, but then these females got to arguing n shit, next thing I know it’s a drink being thrown in my direction so I ducked and dipped out. Lmaoo no time for the fuckery. Just wanted to post these ”before the shenanigans” pics lmao
As of now I’m packing for my little trip to LA, only gonna be there until Wednesday.


Basic kind of day

Yesterday I took my sister to go get her first tattoo and ended up getting another one myself lol. After that, we binge watched Grey’s Anatomy and ate all the food in my fridge so now I have to go get more groceries 🙃. Plus, Sage is running out of cat food, im still getting used to being a cat mom😩. Have a good Sunday everyone❣️❣️


Real Sisters

Sooo my older (she’s 22 lol) sister Nadia & I decided to go out TOGETHER for once. I haven’t seen this girl in a whole month because all she does is travel. She just came back from India and the month before that she was in Egypt. We don’t even know what she does in those places but as long as she comes back alive we support her lol. But I missed my sissy!

 Has anyone ever felt basic next to their sister? I definitely do!

I should’ve got the green eyes ..


New Ink! 💉🔓

So that’s.. *counts with fingers* …like 20 tattos so far, will I get more..? WHO KNOWS! haha anyways go this 2 peices done today, took 2-3 hours to do even tho they’re simple and samll yes it takes that long. A little back story for this two tattos. First the little flower branch on my caller bone, as alot of you may be award that I’m a nature fanatic and enthusiats, I simple wanted something of mother nature on my body😌🌷 simples as that. Now onto my favorite one..the alien on my arm 😍😁 fun fact about me, I belive in aliens yup! that’s right you’re girl here strognly belives that we’re not alone in this planet that there’s something MORE out there. I do not wear a tinfole hat to try to “communicate” with the extra terestrial life 😂😂😂😂 that’s only in moves that they do that, that’s not REAL and just plain dumb, lmao but to each their own. So that’s the back stroy for this dope tats S/O to the guy that was making me laugh through this process, you’re hilarious man  😂😂😂😂

P.S i know haven’t been active that much on here… been having too much on my plate lately so I hope you guys don’t mind seeing my face on your dash? |_・)

🎈👑 A Party Fit For A Princess! 🎈👑

We had so much fun at Mia’s birthday party yesterday! It was sooo super hot out so the girls spent most of the day running through the sprinkler and playing in the kiddie pool.

Mia’s party was Sofia the First themed and it was sooo cute. 😍I can’t wait to plan the twins birthday party even though it’s not for a loooong time. 😂 Dylann really outdid herself on decorations. The twins hadn’t seen Mia since she spent the weekend at our house so they really loved being able to play with her again.

The girls normally cry whenever it’s time to leave from somewhere, but yesterday they were so exhausted they literally asked to go bye-bye and as soon as we got in the car and I turned the air on, they were knocked out. 😂


🌻 casual   vibes 🌻

On Alyse (Left) ⚜

On Eve (Right) ⚜

Calling all Maxis Match Simblr’s!

Soo, I’ve finally decided to get back into Simming (mainly because of toddlers) and I wanter to share my sims with other people. Plus the fact I’ve always loved giving my sims a storyline to keep it interesting so I decided why not create a simblr?

But basically, I want to follow other simblrs like me who do Sims 4 Stories but also I would love to follow some maxis match creators, berry simblrs, urban simblrs, legacy/generations etc..

I’m currently following like 20 people and my goal is maybe 100-120 simblrs.

So pleaseeee reblog so I can follow you! 


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We have SLIDERS! Check out the booty, breast, thigh and posture sliders by @simonario Black Cinema. The link is located in the video description. I’m excited! I hope you are too! Don’t forget to hit that like button!

200 Subbies Gift

I received 200 subscribers on my Youtube channel today so I decided to create posters in honor of it. Thank you guys so much for your support over these six months that I have been doing videos. I love you guys!

Join KM GANG: Here

The Lovely Ladies Posters: Here

Mesh for them: Here 

The Lovely Kiddos Posters: Here 

Mesh for them: Here



  • Don’t re-upload on pay sites
  • Give credit when credit is due

Lunvr’s Art Collection Vol. 5 - Melanated

I finally got my lazy ass in game to take previews of this but here is the new artwork, I called it Melanated cause wow isn’t it so pretty and full of melanin, credit to the lovely 4everestherr on IG please support her! She has a commision, great artist! And Sims4Studio for the mesh. Hope y’all love this as much as I do, please tag me if you would like to show me pics of it in game! I would love to see what you do with them!!! Happy Simming, download under the cut!

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