The Bestiary That Could Be for Light Grey Art Lab’s Message in a Bottle show (January 2013)

I have a soft spot for really cheesy text, and an enduring love to cryptozoology, so this happened. The super lovely Becca Knight ended up purchasing it at the show.

It was a very indulgent project - it’s not something that would really fit my portfolio. So that, plus the fact that I didn’t have much time to do it, made me hesitate about posting it. But it was super fun to do, so who cares.

These are the friendly beasts you can learn about:


native alaskan mythology → [ u r a y u l i ]

Urayuli, or ’Hairy Men,’ are a race of creatures that live in the woodland areas of Yup'ik land in southwestern Alaska. Stories of the Urayuli describe them as standing 10 feet tall with long shaggy fur and luminescent eyes. They are said to emit a high pitch cry, resembling that of a loon. Their long, lanky arms have been described as reaching down to their ankles. Rumored to live in the forests near the area of Lake Iliamna, the Urayuli are said to be peaceful creatures. It is said the Urayuli are transformed children who become lost in the woods at night.

The Urayuli

John Active, a Yup'ik storyteller from Bethel, has gathered a large number of accounts told by the Yup'ik people of Southwest Alaska concerning their encounters with Urayuli. This being was described as standing ten feet tall, covered with hair, with glowing eyes. Its arms were so long, they reached to the creature’s ankles. It was said to roam the tundra and cry out its loneliness with a voice resembling that of a loon. Although its appearance terrified the persons confronting it, the Urayuli never harmed anyone, according to the accounts gathered by Active. However, legendary accounts lore has it that children who disappear while in the woods are transformed into Urayuli. (source)

“The Bestiary that could be”, for Light Grey Art Lab’s Message in a Bottle.