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hihi!! got any cryptids from alaska? or the north pole? thank you! love the blog <3

Alaska you have the Glacier Island Carcass, the Alaskan Giant Polar Bear, the Alaskan Tiger, the Waheela, the Adlet, the Urayuli, the Iliamna Lake Monster, Stellar’s Sea Ape, Qaxdascidi, and the Qupqugiaq. There was also a recent report of a sea creature but that was quickly debunked as a rope with some ice on it moving in the current.

And thank you!

Things that go Bump in the Night: Urayuli

In southwestern Alaska there are stories that describe a race of creatures similar in appearance to Big Foot or Sasquatch, called the Urayuli. In some native myths along the coast the Sasquatch are not peaceful, but can be very violent and are best to be avoided at all costs. The Urayuli on the other hand are said to be harmless.

They dwell in the woodlands of southwestern Alaska and are said to be the transformed spirits of children who became lost in the woods at night. The haunting cry of these creatures resemble the more mournful call of a loon and is said to be the spirit of the child still crying out to its lost family as it wanders the woods.

Urayuli appear as 10ft, hairy creatures with arms that reach down to it’s ankles. They are said to have noticeably glowing eyes even from a distance.    

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