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Omg I bet he knew about them since he was small! Their playground was built when Yoru and Ura were little, so yeah. :o I’m getting vibes that he was born in the RR. I mean, we don’t know where he’s from. They didn’t mention if he’s from rukon or nobl

Yep! And, wha, really??? o: Omg, that would be so awesome! And would seem to back up many of his theories..but how is that possible?? To be born in RR…unless he’s of the Royal Family..speaking of that, I wonder how the SK has children anyway?? Like what the heck? He’s an orb XD Unless the Royal Family is actually ppl chosen by the SK himself…I dunno. But I definitely think Urahara has something to do with the RR.

kinsharas replied to your post: kinsharas replied to your photo: Yes <333 “…his…

I don’t why, but it looked like he was implying that it was more than just a “playground”. rofl x3 Ah I see! That’s very true! Why would he even need to use their hot tub? Hmm Omg, I was wondering the same thing! How does he know about their “playgr

Yea, I think so too. ;D hehe ~ He’s totally an UraYorushipper!

Yea, I msged you about it already, but I think he must have gotten really hurt at some point in the past, and was allowed to go to Sentouki’s palace to heal for some reason. How, I don’t know, but my best clue something to do with Yoruichi. 

Maybe he and Urahara are good friends and that’s how he knows? Everyone seems to know about it now though, lol.

Oh no, was your post cut off? ;w;

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Sentouki told Ichigo that not just anybody is able to meet or see the Soul King. So, then, how on earth was Urahara (or Aizen) able to see him? 

If Urahara were allowed inside by Sentouki or any of the other RG in order to see him, that just goes to prove he really is not just a normal shinigami afterall.

Yet, if Urahara was somehow able to replicate a copy of the RG in order to make a key…I wonder if it has anything to do with the hogyoku? But after Sen’s comment in the chapter, it’s more than evident now that Urahara has at least been to the Royal Realm before, and he was aware of it. 

kinsharas replied to your photo: Yes <333 “…his and Yoruichi’s playground” he calls…

lsncslncqldnvclqn playground with quotation marks. ;w; Omg, Sprinky, you’re reading my mind. I think that something must have happened for kisuke to rebuild a hot spring. Maybe during their bankai training?

OMG, yea I never even noticed that ;w; “Playground” as if he couldn’t find a better word to describe it xD

Actually, I meant the time that Kisuke went to the Royal Realm to enter Sentouki’s hot spring; why would he enter the Royal Realm, and how did he even get a chance to get into the hot spring to analyze it? Kisuke must have been badly hurt at that time, so I’m thinking Sentouki put him in there to heal him. (:

But, but Ori-chan ~ How do you think Sentouki knew about their “playground”? Maybe Kisuke told him xD That means he must have been aware that Urahara and Yoruichi were childhood friends. W-which means Urahara also knew the RG since he was small!!