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Omfg when you ship IchiRuki but yet you're blog is a mix of other shit 95% of the time and people still wanna come at you :/ Anyways do you know any good Urayoru blogs I can follow? I need some of those two hotties in my life lol.

Lol, tell me about it, anon. Makes you wonder just who is the more bitter side post 686.

As for urayoru blogs, unfortunately I don’t know of many that are exclusively urayoru, but here’s what I got:

@urayoruromance: Lots of content, but doesn’t update much lately.

@princessandshopkeeper: This one is run by a buddy of mine, but updates have also been slow as of late because she just so happens to be growing a little human (severe lack of priorities, tbh).

@shouten-crew: Run by another mutual <3 This one is technically urayoru & shiyori, but it’s about their kids, OCs Tenka and I came up with. But the art is adorable and there’s all sorts of ehadcanons, so 11/10 recommended.

@tessaisuggestions: Part of the bleach suggestions community, posts a lot of gorgeous art, and the mun in question plays the perfect Tessai. If you follow me, you can’t have missed me spamming their art non-stop. This person also happens to be responsible for a great deal of my upcoming fan fiction, with their stupid headcanons and stupid art that makes me wanna weep (j/k <333)

@the-hyrule-shinigami: Not an urayoru blog specifically, but this is another mutual of mine who is also an artist and a big urayoru fan, i.e. another mutual with superior taste.

And of course, there’s the Bleach Suggestions community if you enjoy some small scale RPing shenanigans ( @uraharasuggestions & @yoruichisuggestions , the latter of which is run by yours truly)

For actual RPing, @mysteriousshopkeeper & @flashkitty’s threads are to die for, and I know they also post some really top-notch headcanons every now and then.

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Who do you like better as a character... Yoruichi, or Kisuke?

Oh, that’s a very hard question xDD

I love both characters like A LOT, I mean, these two are my babies, so I can never choose b/w them or say that one is better as a character than the other. I can’t really say one is better, because they’re both pretty much loved equally in my eyes, and they’re both really awesome characters.

I love Kisuke for just..everything his character is, the shady, the bad, and the good. He can be humorous, comedic, and witty at one moment, and yet totally bad ass, cunning, and intelligent the next. Though, even in battle this guy can be laughing in your face just for the jokes. Plus, I just love mysterious and laid-back characters - I don’t know why, but they’re just awesome. I like them not revealing too much, yet somehow I still seem to know everything about them, well almost. In addition, I just think on top of that, Kisuke has a heart of gold, though I think that’s a given considering his personality. But not only is he smart, strong, and hilarious - he’s also a great friend and cares about those around him. I just think he is the humblest character in Bleach, despite the shady things he’s done - I mean, the man created the hogyoku, founded the R&T Institute, and can pretty much recreate and innovate anything, but reverts to just calling himself a lowly shopkeeper that loves to help others. I just think he doesn’t care too much for it, and is just really chill-ax about everything. And even after everything SS and C46 did to him, he still has the kindness and forgiveness in his heart to help them. I just think he’s a really loving, forgiving, happy, gentle, and peaceful person. Plus, he’s SEXY! It just doesn’t get better than that.

As for Yoruichi…I honestly think she is the definition of PURR-FECTION (pun intended lol). I mean, not only is she sexy and beautiful, but she can kick butt, and a lot of it. I mean, how many women in Bleach have you known to take Aizen on one-on-one and actually land a hit on him WITHOUT using her zanpakuto? She is no damsel in distress at all. She’s got the guts, the confidence and she knows it, yet, like Kisuke, she’s never arrogant or boastful about it, and knows her weaknesses too; she’s just very strong, yet very humble about the way she carries herself. In addition, although she’s a noble, she is just true to herself, doesn’t care what anybody else thinks, and does her own thing, she is true to her heart, and that’s an attribute that’s hard to find in most shonen women. She has both physical and spiritual strength, and I love those kind of characters. The fact that she doesn’t care too much about her noble status, allows everyone to call her without using honorifics, treats everyone equally the same way she wants to be treated, just tells me that she is a true friend and gentle person at heart. Plus, her witty and comedic side doesn’t hurt either. I love it. She’s just so down to earth.

I just think these two characters are just brilliant and compatible and perfect in every way, and you really can’t break them apart. They just truly bring out the best in each other, and work best when together. I love them both for their own unique reasons. And there’s so much more I could mention, but that would be a very long essay xD So, I guess what I’m saying is as for my answer on who I like better as a character….

It’s impossible to choose. Let’s just say Kisuke is my precious hubby and Yoru is my precious wifey, nuff said :3 lol

Hope this helped <3 Thanks for the question!

A new series of UraYoru-randomness: Ask and Answer with Urahara and Yoruichi!

Topic -> UraYoru is Pitiful

Me: What do you have to say about this, Kisuke?

“Yes…my closest and most ‘unrivaled’ best friend is a cat…

External image

I guess you can say that is somewhat pitiful…

External image

and sure, it would be, if it weren’t for the fact that she also turns into a beautiful, tanned skinned, golden eyed, drop dead gorgeous, goddess of a woman.

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Lucky me~”