To my followers

I know I haven’t posted in…well, a very long while. I’ve been going through a lot of IRL changes and circumstances over that last few years, some of which have led me feeling too depressed or too unmotivated to write. Hence, my reason for being mia. So, please be patient with me. 

On another note, despite my lack of activity on tumblr, I have been following the manga and am aware of the recent attention Urahara and Yoruichi have been getting. So be prepared for some analysis posts at some point, and the blog back up and running again.

I apologize for those who have been following this blog for quite some time, and appreciate your understanding of such situations. I will try and post (maybe not as frequent as before), but bear with me. Thank you to those who are still following this blog and hope we can continue to enjoy the wonderful characters and relationship of Urahara Kisuke and Yoruichi Shihouin together. ^^

*Also, there is a recurring announcement for urayoru week on the blog…just ignore it for now. It was put there for the last one we had, but I forgot to remove it. I’ll let everyone know when we will have another one.