It’s been a month since I’ve come to Japan and everyday it hits me that I’m actually really here. It’s like some kind of strange dream. Just the other day I played basketball with two girls I barely know. Today I saw a homeless man playing guitar and singing, and a construction worker eating a comically large slice of water melon. I can hardly walk a hundred feet without hitting a convenience store. Manga and anime are ubiquitous in a way that’s still a little staggering. All the weird obscure stuff I liked when I was America is incredibly mainstream here. I told a teacher that I was big fan of Osamu Tezuka and she mentioned that she loved Phoenix. I connected with a Japanese college student over our mutual love of Game Center CX. I can watch Kamen Rider on TV. I met a girl who loved WWE. I’ve bought Kazuo Umezu comics at a 7-11. I went inside of a bronze statue of Buddha that’s older then the United States. I’ve mentioned before that Japan feels incredibly dense to me. There are things packed in and stacked up everywhere, and everything is so close together, and that’s also how I would describe this past month. So many new things and experiences. I miss my all my friends in America, and really look forward to seeing them again, but I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to be here and have these experiences, and can easily say that this is one of the happiest and most exciting times of my life.