mha is great and all but...

If we’re being honest the most unrealistic thing about MHA is that…you mean to tell me…none of these kids dick around with their quirks???
Legit some of these kids have the most wild and borderline outlandish powers and you fr expect me to believe they all handle them in a responsible manner?? LMAO OKAY
>You mean to tell me Sero hasn’t used his tape to tape himself or others to the wall/ceiling??

> Jirou doesn’t take her ear thingys and hijack the aux cord to play Cupcakke or Take On Me at full blast???

>denki doesn’t go around (mildly) shocking his friends??? Come on…we know he can be used as a charger give us this…

> Urarararararaka doesn’t randomly make people/their possesions float to see how long it takes them to notice?

> Kirishima and tetsutesu don’t go around headbutting every hard surface they see because someone dared them to?

> kendo doesn’t walk around with her hands enlarged to see how long it takes someone to say something??

> Shinsou doesn’t make people do the Macarena or smth when they slightly piss him off just because he thinks it’s funny???

>Ojiro doesn’t go around hanging from random trees and poles with his tail?

Even the more serious characters like Bakugou, Iida, Tokoyami, Todoroki, and Tsu would fuck around with their quirks they’re tEeNaGeRs
> tsu wouldn’t cling to the wall and startle people at the doors? She wouldn’t use her tongue to grab objects she could reach if she just moved a little more???

> Tokoyami wouldn’t use dark shadow to sneak into the dorm kitchen and get him a snack bc he got the munchies at 4am??? Rly??

> Todoroki is a thermometer for fucks sake you seriously mean to tell me he hasn’t set the dorm on fire at least once because he wanted to heat up his hot pocket without using the microwave??? He hasn’t tried to ice skate to class??

> You mean to tell me Iida doesn’t Naruto run to class sometimes…he isn’t the one that gives Midoriya super sonic piggyback rides bc Midoriya already told someone “he had a ride”????

> Bakugou doesn’t go around lighting up ant hills or using his quirk like a firework bc the bakusquad wanted to cause some Teenage Chaos at 1am??

But the most unrealistic thing of all…is that Izuku Midoriya…the boy who was once qUIRKLESS
> You mean to tell me he doesn’t wall jump in order to sit in really high places he’s not supposed to just bc he can??
He doesn’t do that thing where you use your legs and back to support yourself between two walls except it’s between two buildings??
He doesn’t try to stand on top of light posts like the weeb headass he is?
He doesn’t do Extreme Parkour??
He doesn’t try to support things with his legs that he really doesn’t need to (balancing desks, the chair of the kid in front of him (with said kid in chair), boxes, etc.)??
He doesn’t Naruto run to class (with iida)???
He doesn’t take every dare that’s given to him because he’s That Bitch??

Un-fucking-likely Horikoshi

some favs!