uranus tag



  • Sun square/opposite/conjunction Mars/Venus/Uranus.
  • Saturn aspected to a personal planet.
  • Sun/Venus/Mars/Saturn aspecting the Ascendant.
  • Sun/Mars/Venus dominant.
  • Leo/Libra/Taurus/Aries/Capricorn Venus.
  • Aries/Taurus/Leo/Capricorn Mars.
  • A Fire/Capricorn/Taurus/Gemini Ascendant.
  • 1st/2nd house stellium.


  • Sun trine/sextile Neptune/Mercury/Uranus.
  • Jupiter aspected to Sun/Mars/Venus/Saturn.
  • Neptune/Moon/Jupiter aspecting the Ascendant.
  • Neptune/Moon/Jupiter dominant.
  • Moon in Aquarius/Pisces/Virgo.
  • Pisces/Libra Mars.
  • A Water/Aquarius/Libra/Virgo ascendant.
  • 7th/8th/11th house stellium.
  • Sun/Mars/Venus/Moon in the 12th house.

feel free to add more placements ~

The thing about this is that signs have two sides and even the most selfish could become selfless. Being selfish or selfless depends of more placements and even with all the “selfless” placements, it vary depending the situation and emotional state. But I’m a Scorpio Mercury and I want to organize everything and divide people with a infallible method I’m sorry lmao.

Introvert vs Extrovert

Liar vs truth teller

ooooh beverage talk??

the first thing that comes to mind is terra’s love of tea. back when he was under ra moon’s control, he had an awful temper, and used tea to help calm him. now he just drinks it because it tastes delicious

wily loves black coffee, with just a lil bit of sugar.

jewel loves a good wine but doesnt keep in the house because of shara

fretta enjoys vitamin water (as do i)

pretty sure uranus would like beer/alcohol

and pluto/charon enjoy milk

Here’s a manga coloring! It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? I might try to do some pages that are related to this scene later!

I was talking with a friend about the Stars arc and I ended up whipping this up in record time. Scans by Miss Dream. P.S. please do not do manga colorings with a mouse if you have a perfectly good art tablet! My wrists are very angry with me right now.

But imagine VIXX Sailor Moon transformations.