why lucy heartfilia is NOT weak

hello everyone!! this is going to be a long ranty post so i am going to put this under a read more cut. if you’re interested in what i have to say, go ahead and read on! :)

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Volume 18: Tetrabiblos and Stars of the Heavens

“The founder of the Ptolemaic system, Claudius Ptolemy, wrote a four part book series describing the heavens called the Tetrabiblos- The Four Books. One of the most important works of ancient astrology, the Tetrabiblos describes the constellations of the zodiac and their astrological influence on the world. Within the system, the Earth was a fixed point with the heavens spinning around it in complicated circles-within-circles. It’s view of the universe was adopted by the Catholic Church until the time of Galileo and Copernicus some 1500 years after Ptolemy’s writing.”

“Looking up at a night sky, you’d realize there are far more than 88 stars. What this is referring to is the 88 official constellations that astronomers use to divide and chart the night sky. Each constellation represents a region of the sky and is based on the ancient Greek charts of the heavens.”

Tay’s note: So we can now assume that there are 88 keys in Earthland.

I’m pretty sure now we’ll definitely see Lucy in the Heartfilia Eclipse Gate dress

Now the most apparent and notable difference between Anna and Layla’s appearance in this dress was their hairstyles (I’m assuming that is up to individual mages, unlike the rest of the attire which is pre-determined). The hairstyle they each had on, seemed to be their go-to do.

Anna had a long ponytail pulled back like so:

We can’t be 100% sure if that was how she typically did her hair, though.

In Layla’s case, however, we do have such a candidate. Everytime we have seen her she would have her hair pulled up into a rather regal bun, like so:

Which is the same hairstyle she wore with the battle dress:

So when it is Lucy’s turn to don on these threads, I’m guessing it’d be the same with her. The style we’ve always typically associated with her.

Her side ponytail. 

But this isn’t just about appearances. The way she does her hair is a teeny message in itself. 

The first time she wore this was when we first saw her, right before she met Natsu and joined Fairy Tail 

She did change her hair-do after a while, in between going exclusively in twin pony-tails. But she has reverted back to this from time-to-time as well (notably during the Grand Magic Games/Eclipse arc).

Her hair seems to act like a marker for crucial events in her life. (e.g: a change a little after she learns Urano Metria or wearing her mother’s hairstyle to meet her Dad, only to later invoke her while explaining to Jude that her life is her own and that that’s what Layla would have wanted for her).

And if so, giving her the same hairstyle as her first kind of allows us to draw a comparison where she has come from and how far she has reached. Mashima almost emphasises this when we are re-introduced to her after the post-Tartaros time-skip. 

Seeing as Anna and Layla used that dress at such crucial stages of the story (and in Layla’s case, her life - considering that’s what marked it’s end), it is safe to assume that Lucy too will use it in a similarly important circumstance. 

To do would create a similar look-how-far-she-has come effect when Lucy finally uses this particular dress - which may happen in a climactic scenario, and I can’t wait to witness it. 


Ok theory time:

We all know Loki is a combat spirit so it makes TOTAL sense that Lucy borrowing his powers would make her Lucy Kick a combat move with Regulus power but I don’t think all her spirit-infused moves will be the same.

Think Aquarius.

Lucy was granted the ability to create a water shield as well as increased magical ability. With the tattoo, she was also able to invoke Urano Metria.

I wonder what her other moves will be with different spirits. I HOPE it just isn’t all Lucy Kicks…

"Lucy is the most boring, useless, weak character"

Alright, listen here you little shits.

If it wasn’t for Lucy, Kaby never would have discovered that Daybreak was actually a book for him. (Plus Virgo would still belong to Everlue)
If it wasn’t for Lucy, Loke would be dead.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, Natsu never would have gotten out of Oshibana Station to stop Erigor.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, Sherry wouldn’t have been defeated.
If it wasn’t for Lucy being kidnapped, Juvia and Gajeel would never have left Phantom Lord.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, Juvia wouldn’t have been able to defeat Vidaldus, as they defeated him together.
If it wasn’t for Lucy (and Loke) Bickslow wouldn’t have been defeated during the Fairy Games.
If it wasn’t for Lucy (admittedly with help from Hibiki) Angel/Solano wouldn’t have been defeated. At this point let me remind you that although Solano managed to foil Lucy using Aquarius and Loke, of the two of them, Lucy was arguably the STRONGER celestial Mage.
If it wasn’t for Lucy - through Gemini - there wouldn’t have been enough people to destroy the Lacrima to stop Nirvana.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, there would have been no one to fight Byro and help Coco learn what she truly cared about out of her friends or magic.
If it wasn’t for Lucy - WHO WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO ACTUALLY WORKED OUT THE RIDDLE FOR THE SECOND TEST - Cana never would have remembered what was truly most important and gained Fairy Glitter.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, Natsu wouldn’t have found the strength to continue fighting Hades.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, there would have been no one to interfere with Future Rogue’s plans or warn anyone of what was happening (plus motivate Natsu into fucking destroying out of rage at her death).
If it wasn’t for Lucy, Natsu never would have helped Yukino.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, Flare never would have been reunited with her village.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, there would have been no one to protect Wendy from an explosion during the Tartoras Arc.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, Jackal wouldn’t have been defeated.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, most of the guild wouldn’t have known to reform.
If it wasn’t for Lucy, Brandish never would have been there to save Natsu.
If it wasn’t for mother fucking Lucy, there wouldn’t have been anyone to save the guild AGAIN.

LUCY HEARTFILIA IS NOT WEAK. Compared to Erza, Natsu and Gray, who have all been in the guild for several years, she’s had one- maybe two years of proper training, and in that time she’s learnt to force gate closure, summon two spirits at the same time, summon three spirits at the same time, SUMMON THE CELESTIAL SPIRIT KING, use Urano Metria, and learned how to use Star-Dress. That is a ridiculous amount of growth.

Lucy is boring? That one is an opinion based thing, so I can’t really argue if you’re opinion is that she’s boring. I might find you boring, but that doesn’t mean my opinion is correct.

Lucy is useless? Please see the above list and rethink that assessment.

She is probably one of the most well-developed characters I’ve come across who doesn’t need to be ridiculously over-powered to win a fight.