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Hello, what face templates do you normally use for The Sims 2?

Hello! I’m currently using these defaults by Pooklet (I think, I am not entirely sure.) However, I have plenty more non-default facetemplates in my game!

- my own, which are templates made out of sims by Lesyasun, Deedeesims, Budgie2budgie and ClericalRodent.

- Revolvertrooper who made a lot; Trapping facetemplates, AlfredAskew templates, UraniumZ and Alleluia, also Backerbse with broken pictures but working download links

- Figs at GoS who did five templates

- Dominiquex at GoS with three templates

- DrewCrickets facetemplates here at Tumblr

And honourable mention to Isbrealiomcaife’s 48(!) non-default facetemplates at GoS which I have used but are not in my game at the moment because, well, I already have 63 non-default templates in the game and that would get my total face templates close to a 150. I thought that was a bit excessive. Happy sims making, anon! :D

It has been a really long year and I just want to thank you all for putting up with me. I know it also hasn’t been so easy either but it honestly means a lot to me and just know that I appreciate each and every one of you…not to mention that your presence on my dash is something that I enjoy very much. Please take care and Happy Holidays!  I wish you nothing but the best. 

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