Mission, where the past collides || Urahara--kisuke

It was like any other normal day in the Seiretia. Patrols going around, other’s just walking around like nothing going on. She could hear Rangiku and Hitsugaya argueing about paperwork, it made her smile a bit as she passed by. Still she was on her way, she gave a wave to Rangiku who was ignoring Hitsugaya by smothering him in her bosom. Yep, everything seemed normal and she couldn’t help but to feel relaxed about it. It was then, an unconscious act had ended her passing by the science division. 

The smile that was once on her face faded, and turned into a small frown. The memories started to come back, and it took her a moment to shove them away. She didn’t want to remember the former captain of the science division. It would only bring up wounds that had never fully healed and she wasn’t ready to go down that road yet. She moved away quickly, the wounds even if they were old, still acted fresh within her mind and heart.

She found a place and stopped, looking over things she exhaled. It was nice to be able to find a quite spot and shut down all those emotions. Or it was quiet till she was found and called. She nodded and jumped down, her long sleeve v neck black shinigami shirt never rode up when she moved, it had been specially made to fit her just right. The pants, were normal issued, though they showed her hips and stomach since she didn’t wear the normal outfit. She didn’t see a need it, it just wasn’t comfortable.

She arrived and was informed she was going with a few others to the world of the living. It seemed strange to her, she wasn’t allowed to go before, but now she was being ordered too. She shrugged a bit and sighed, well this was going to be interesting. Not long after they were off, looking around she felt the difference, this place looked nice. They had come near a shop, and she stopped for a moment. What she saw, felt like a punch in the gut. How was it even possible? Could he really be there? And if he was, why? Was this the reason she hadn’t been allowed before? Sea green eyes just looked at the man in the hat with disbelief.

The Store owner and the fireboy | urahara--kisuke

There was a shop nearby, that meant food right? Well according to Natsu it did. “Food~!” He seemed to almost fly into the shop and looked around. Well this was a funny food shop. “hello? Anyone there? I’m hungry!” He announced as he looked around and hit the bell. Well, he hit the bell more than once it was becoming annoying till he broke it. “Ooops.. IS anyone here!?”

Saving espada can be a bad habit || Urahara--kisuke

Pain, the throbbing, it coursed through her body like no other. Yet, it was going away, slowly becoming a dull ache. She forced her eyes opened again, her arms were no longer holding her up, and she was laying down. What had happened? This made no sense, as her eyes finally focused she looked to see the blonde man with that stupid green and white hat.

He was looking down at her, she had seen him before. Oh yes, the world of the living, after the fight with Aizen, and the girl had healed her. She remembered he was there, had asked her questions, helped heal her fraccion and let them return to Hueco mundo without any cost. So he was here and saved her a second time? This was becoming a rather bad habit for both of them. “This is becoming a bad habit..” She mumbled.

I have 5 threads in my draft. And I would get to them but I have kinda lost my muse. I am grateful to Shiro~chan for helping me find her again through a forced angst thread because that’s where she currently is. As well as getting a similar thread with Chico around the same issue. I am sorry for everyone who is awaiting a reply from me. But I promise I will get to them soon when I get my muse back on track.



Gone Fishing


Briskly pointing his cane at the Noble he spoke into the megaphone with a grin. “DO I HAVE A PLACE, WOULD I COME HERE READY TO GO IF I DIDN’T?” 

Of course he was only meaning well and didn’t actually have a place in mind, he was certain he’d find a perfect place anyway so it really shouldn’t matter, all just menial details that would work themselves out along the way. The important part was getting the over-worked captain out into the world and primed for a much needed break!

“Hmm, I suppose you wouldn’t have come without being prepared.” He answered after a moments thought. He stood up from his chair upon his office in the Kuchiki Manor and headed to a small closet to the side.

While rummaging through the contents of said closet a muffled voice carried out to the shopkeeper. “Though is speaking through that thing really necessary? I’m not deaf yet you know.” Looking for what was necessary for the sudden trip. Usually he wouldn’t have accepted, but with the calmness settled for a while within the Soul Society, he didn’t see any harm. It wouldn’t hurt to allow himself such a thing would it?

He turned away from the closet with a fisher’s hat upon his raven locks. Everything they could possibly need, fishing poles, hooks, extra lines, a net, basket etc. were neatly arranged for easy travel, “Here, I have everything necessary for the fishing trip. We only need bait and it’s all settled.”

For a friend~ urahara--kisuke

Cake had made a wonderful gift for a dear friend and left it down for him. It was a cake of one of his favorite things in the world. Cake was happy to help and if it made him smile then cake would be even happier.

urahara–kisuke replied to your post“Ah, but I am at your mercy, are you sure there isn’t anything more aside from the hat you’d care to take off~!” he called out laughing, watching her skillfully dangle his hat, spinning in-front of him.

“It was worth a shot~!”

She rolled her eyes a little.. “Perhaps so~” Moving away from him with another flick she canceled it and made sure to keep distance between the two. “Come on now~”

Concept Proposition || @Urahara--Kisuke

—- “Make sure the paperwork is filed by the time I get back.” Cautioned the Rokubantai Taichou as he made the final overlooks of his division before he headed off to the world of the living.

     The noble usually did not head to the world of the living unless it was a direct order from the Soutaichou or a mission he obtained took him there. The probability of such an occasion was minimal and when the Byakuya informed his fukutaichou –and some members that overheard– the expression of surprised was one the noble expected, yet he kept his facade unreadable as he was known for. He only gave Renji directions with a slight annoyance to his display of his to-be whereabouts for the day.

     Without further time to waste, the taichou made his way to the world of the living. Appearing a few streets away from Urahara Shoten, the noble stealthily made his way to the rendezvous location. He had received word from Urahara about some propositions that were surely to interest him. At first he put no mind to him, but with his persistence and a few leaked tempting ideas of these propositions had the noble reconsidering. He entered the shop and after explaining his reason for his presence, he was passed to a small room.

     “This better be worth my time.” He muttered to himself out loud in his monotonous voice, though he knew deep within him that he was slightly curious as to what Urahara had in mind.

T o . a . F r i e n d :

I’ve had many friends in the fandoms I’ve been, but not many go past roleplays and simple ‘hi how are you?’ kinds of conversations. Although I appreciate and respect them as friends, there are always a few of my followers that become more than just an acquaintance, they become a dear friend to me. Maybe it didn’t start out that way, just awkward little turtle ducks we’ve been, or something happens that brings a small time of separation, but that makes you appreciate the importance of these friends and how much they’ve come to mean and change your life. Unlike before, where I do a fancy edit about who you should follow, this will be a tad bit different. These people mean a lot to me, and they are excellent roleplay blogs, which you should follow.


—- What can I say? We’re been through a lot, and even before we joined the bleach fandom, you were already friends. I always looked up to you, you were everything I could aspire to be. And we’ve had our ups and downs, and that separation for a while, where we took our own paths, and coming to a point where I sort came to hate you for what had happened, but time went by and I gained a clearer mind. That had only made me realize how much you meant to me. How much you already present in my life, and how much it hurt. That you were not just a friend, but a very close one. I’m glad we’re back to talking like we used to. It was very different without your presence everyday to talk to and just be myself. Thank you for being my closest friend. I love you.


—- Alex. I always admired you, even before when you didn’t even know I existed, when I was just a newby kidomaster. I was scared to even talk to you because your portrayal of Shunsui was amazing. How could such an awesome blog pay mind with a newly made one? But yeah I never had the courage to come and talk to you. Though circumstances changed and you followed me and that’s when I said 'Why the fuck not?’ so I put myself out there and I’m glad I did. You’re one of the many people I’ve come to care so much about. You will always be my senpai.


—- JAY~ We’ve just really started talking a few weeks ago, when Gotei Aff was created, and now we are best of friends drowning in feels. I can’t believe we didn’t just click like we do now, perhaps it’s because of my awkwardness that I can’t really go up to new people and be all 'Lets be Friends!’ sort of way. It’s more of the getting used to people and finding that comfort to really just be myself. But I’m glad I met you Jay, you’re a terrific person and I love you so much. Never change<3


—- Ash, we both thought the other hated each other before remember? That was pretty funny now that we look back to it. But I’ve always looked up to you as my Momo Senpai when I was kido. And we talked here and there but not like we do now. You’re an awesome person and I’m glad I got to talk to you more. Thanks for putting up with your lil kohai, you’re a great Momo blog, never forget that~


—- Bri-chan~! I know we don’t talk too much anymore, but I am always keeping tabs with you. I will always forever be in debt with you. You picked me up when I was at my lowest and didn’t give up on me, you made me create a blog that I never thought I could pull off. Thank you for not giving up on me and stay there by my side. I remember when we first started talking, through ooc of course but it was the best way to get to meet such a wonderful person like you.