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            “can you just shut the fuck up for two seconds ?? some guy was
            gettin’ in my face, tellin’ me that he fucked you — so i took care of
            it. stop flippin’ your shit.” he’ll mutter out, his patience wearing thin.
            his right hand was throbbing with pain; laced in cuts. he was almost
            positive that he was bleeding, but it was dark in the kitchen and he
            didn’t think to inspect it on the walk home. “now, you can either
            stand there with that dumbfounded expression on your face or you
            can help clean me up.”

A Summary of 2014

♪ On the twelfth day of Hetalia, Himaruya gave to me,

  • Twelve frozen countries

  • Eleven Hetaween maids

  • Ten Roman rulers

  • Nine heroines

  • Eight months of hiatus

  • Seven days of Halloween

  • Six Tumblr memes

  • Five ninjas

  • Four steampunk presidents

  • Three new nations

  • Two world stars

  • And the sixth season of Hetalia! ♪