anyway, cuddling headcanons:

alistair: sloppy cuddler. tossed everywhere. go to bed snuggled up, wake up with your nose firmly nestled into his armpit.

morrigan: claims to hate cuddling. curls into a small ball. much like a cat revealing their belly, this is an invitation. if you don’t want to be zapped, take it.

leliana: claims to love cuddling. complains ten minutes into it, forces you to rearrange, usually ends up in some hand-holding dealy.

zevran: you could be three feet taller than him and he’s still going to be the big spoon (do city elfs dream of jet packs?)

anders: cuddling is mandatory. no spoon preferance but he is gonna put his butt all up against you. tossy-turner just like alistair, with the added bonus of a cot. no wonder hawke has poor posture because they’re sleeping halfway on the floor 90% of the time.

fenris: cuddling, with permission. likes being wrapped in a blanket first. actually can’t sleep without a blanket, which means ten minutes detangling in the morning. worth it for cute elf poof.

isabela: no strong opinions about cuddling but don’t be surprised if you wake up with a face full of boobs and a mouth full of gold necklace.

merrill: the classic cuddler. her head on your chest, arms tucked against her own chest, smiling as she goes to sleep. except she eventually moves to clinging hard, doesn’t wake up and she’s 115lbs of dead weight so good luck getting anywhere without her strapped to you like a child safe back pack.

sebastian: pros: full body cuddles, softest body after isabela, easier to move around and adjust than merrill. cons: you might lose him in the multitude of pillows and blankets you keep mysteriously accumulating, and does this have the chantry seal on it, sebastian where did you get this -

cassandra: the actual perfect cuddler. no complains, no overfull bed, doesn’t mind being big or little spoon. her braid is going to strangle you though.

cullen: his room is a balmy -30 degrees and he sleeps shirtless. you’re nto fond of your eyes, are you? because his nipples will make sure they’re taken care of.

<>Blackwall: be very careful about falling asleep near this man, lest his chest hair strangle you in the night. Spooning is safe, but beware of drool and the most ungodly snoring you will ever hear.

dorian: exactly seven down feather pillows wrapped in cotton woven by a crying virgin maid, imported from orlais (thirty sovereigns); a blanket made of spun spider silk, taken from the largest, nastiest spider in all of thedas, tossed in lavender and rose petals (twenty eight sovereigns), and no less than two lullabies sung by a dwarf minstrel classically trained in the lute wearing a thin shift and nothing else (five sovereigns, nightly). the price of waking up with his ass in your face and foot up your nose? priceless.

josephine: if i complain about josephine leliana will kill me.

iron bull: do you even need a bed

sera: also no bed, but that’s because she sleeps anywhere she wants. also naked, but at least there’s a fire. but the lizards escaped this morning so you might want to wear your smalls, just in case.

solas: “oh, cuddling? how quaint. is this a dalish tradition or - “

yep⬆⬆❌no ❎❎🚫 crying here 👎👎 nope i havent cried😭 ALL🔄 day🌅 yep 🌞thats right!!💪! no👎 crying here👇🌎 A CRY ⛔FREE⛔ ZONE perfectly ✔✔stable!!🔒🐴 everything👓 fine 👌💃💃on my😂 farm🌽🚜👏 STRESS 👏FREE👏 havent ❎❎cried all day✔✔💯🎶 not me sir🎩 not i❌ for i🚫 do 🚫not 🚫CRY😭

if u haven’t heard of sleeping at last, they’re this rly cool band with some gr8 songs about space and the planets and all that good shit!!

like literally they are so beautiful and u all should listen to the song of the planet that rules your sign (also listen to ur moon sign planet and ur dominant planet). some of them don’t have lyrics but it’s still so so so rad bc they just fit so well with that planet

aries - mars

taurus - venus

gemini - mercury

cancer - moon

leo - sun

virgo - mercury

libra - venus

scorpio - pluto, mars

sagittarius - jupiter

capricorn - saturn

aquarius - uranus, saturn

pisces - neptune, jupiter