i was tagged by @hungryfireslut  @macsgf @strawberryoolong @tirragen and @scienceisbad  to do the 6 selfies for 2016 except i don’t know how to count so it’s definitely not 6 and none of these pictures are in order either because im lazy. i tag @ninda-in-the-shadows @nadelvondastief @entheogenic8 @smellyorgans  @nematode-needles @heno-heno  @mumuapu @supergenesis @egypbitch @korwinrar @gaylaktic @unidentifiedgoth @eelyrb @papriqa @faerfax @porqchops @r3turntheslab  to do this if ur comfortable with doing it n anyone else i’ve ever interacted with on this website love u all very much, love seeing ur faces, love hearing u talk etc. have fun ! thanks 💕

the signs from a capricorn's pov
  • aries: ur either frightening or annoying af but i actually admire you a lot
  • taurus: ur so sweet i love u
  • gemini: i feel like you sometimes want to be friends, but the feeling is NOT mutual pls get out of my face. ur super smart tho and i hate you more because of it
  • cancer: let me love u. no one will ever love u like i do
  • leo: you could be my worst enemy or my partner in crime. choose wisely
  • virgo: goals af....
  • libra: ok i guess. learn to keep ur eyes on ur own paper tho
  • scorpio: best friend who doubles as bodyguard
  • sagittarius: ur so cute and so full of energy and life but ur also full of way too much of it, chill out ohmygod
  • capricorn: holy crap we're amazing. high five and a big congrats to ur parents for having produced you
  • aquarius: YOU'RE SO ANNOYING AND AGGRAVATING but oddly attractive so i want to punch you and kiss you simultaneously
  • pisces: what?? do?? i?? do?? with?? you?? ur so sweet n loving n kind but also a fragile lil pansy i feel like i could make you cry just by looking at you funny
  • before bias: so cute, adorable, pretty little face, dumpling sweetest thing, i love you so much, wow how are you so cute, sweet little angel, my pretty love, cutiepatootie, sweet pie, heartu, so pretty omg
  • when bias: little shit, fuck you, i hate you so much, wow can you not, /punches face/, you suck, so ugly omfg, go away nobody wants you, ur the worst, i dislike you the most, asshole, so dumb, why am i even stanning you, nope, you're awful, ughhhhh

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I love your account!Great job!Keep going I really like it!~♥♡♥ Please: 2p drunk texts!!!


2P!America: [to the girlfriend HE broke up with] dollfce i miss u im such a dick ok i hve no1 and im always lonle y nd i didnt mean it wheni call ed your mom a whore i stg

2P!China: [to his crush] hey bby have i evr told u that once i almost spilled my tea becuz i was thinkgn about ur legs

2P!England: [to Allen] hi i love u so sO so so muCh we are at the pub& olivia says hi !! iknow u hate me lately but im so proud of u ~~~!

2P!France: [to a stripper] hoLy fck i think i fell in love for a ngiht

2P!Russia: [to his boss] i thnk youre a punkass bitch,,,



2P!Japan: [to his co-worker] im a secret anget in anothr life. i know what u did w those employe pictures

2P!Canada: [to his broadband service] hi wuts good

2P!Romano: [to his rival in modeling] UR BOOOBS R FAKE AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT HONEYY 8D


2P!Prussia: [to a friend he hasn’t talked to in years] hi omgg how r u doing fren we haventt talked in so long nd my life iz a mess :))) plz talk tome again :))))))))


took me 18 years to get to a point where im not constantly putting myself down because i feel like im too dark or constantly stuffin my face makin myself sick to gain weight and be thicker or where i dont look in the mirror and wanna break it cause my nose is too big or my eyes are slanted weird. i actually love tf out of myself more than ever and i truly am a genuinely compassionate person who only wants the best for ppl and to see them prosper even if they dont wish the same for me (unless ur my ex that i hate). if that makes me vain or conceited then so be it. im gorgeous as shit and happy in my skin and if that makes me a conceited bitch then i hope that you find whatever it is troubling you on the inside to make you so insecure. if me telling myself im beautiful is conceited or vain then im sorry that my confidence offends you?? god bless?? lmao.


i was tagged by @pomegranat to do the 6 iconic 2016 selfies thing or smth and i couldn’t pick so here’s 9 selfies instead!!! i tag @whatsappmom @rnashallah @trashyangel @yayoroses @i-hate-the-beach @ihatepicasso @inafropriate @palm-wines @petitepasserine @poji @ahva @abastract @sumayyahs @softplum @doeji @dryrott @gaysigh @helloteaparty @honeybride @jasmine-blu @jnoub @lilkittenbrat @lcfcs @zzshy @butchvulpix @nerff-this
if u weren’t tagged by me im rly rly sorry, but pls feel free to still do this n tag me in it bc id love to see all ur faces 💖💖💖

I’m sick and I feel like poo but I’m still cute


well hello i said i would make a follow forever the next time i reached a goal so here i ammmmm
first off i just wanted to say how much i love u all and how much it means to me to have reached this goal (like seriously its a dream come true all my life has been leading up to this moment…) and i love all of u like a lot. seriously i love u so much??? if i could hug u all and kiss ur pretty faces i would. i would buy u all pizza and if i could cuddle all of u i would ok. 
anyway.. these are a few of my favorite mutuals… if i forgot u i am so sorry u all know im pretty shit w remembering things and being a nice person so check my blogroll bc everyone that i follow are beautiful people that deserve to be loved :-)

also this is not in alphabetical order because im a lazy shit so just ctrl+f ur url if u cant find it ok..
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There's this guy I know in college who likes me, confirmed by two friends and my sister. He's a witch as well, but we have vastly differing morals. He also tries to give me and my friends gifts all the time. I've told him point-blank before that "I'm not your Persephone", but he still hangs around and even at one point demanded to know why I wouldn't accept one of his offers... Any advice to make him go away?

throw salt in his face

Kick him in the balls

Light him on fire

• Umm you could talk about how much ur in love with this other guy or person of a gender he isn’t, gush outloud. He can Nice Guy himself out the door.

• Possibly pretend to be super christian while he’s around

• Find out whatever he hates, and pretend to be an utter, “vapid” fangirl of that (twilight is always a good choice), in my humble expiriance guys like that look down on Girls That Like Things. You don’t need his good opinion anyway, you just need him gone.

• Invite him to do a banishing ritual in your dorm (have friend there for backup), leave the door open, start flicking salt water or whatever at him until he gets the message to leave

It sucks that girls need to exert so much effort to get a guy to not basically stalk them like chill and accept rejection