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Ok I love you and ur blog bUT I FUCKING HATE THAT WEIRD THING U DO WITH U MOUTH IN PICTURES ,,, LIKE WHYYYYYY. And I get mad at myself for being a hater anywayyyy u look pretty tho

i’m sorry that it makes you so angry bud, i’m also sorry that i don’t really understand why… i understand not liking it and all but…  it’s a face that i pull naturally. if you don’t want to see my selfies then by all means you can blacklist ‘sage’s face warning’ and ‘self reblog’.again,  i’m so sorry that it annoys you so much that you would say you hate it, but i can’t help it is all.

iKON as things said in my groupchat

Jinhwan: so i had a good ass dream and it was getting to the good part whEN MY DAD WOKE ME UP BC I HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH LIKE WHAT THE HELL MAN

Yunhyeong: why am i listening to lipgloss by lil mama

Bobby: “i’d like to wipe that look off his face and replace it with a one that says "i love you beautiful alyssa babe”“ ok but ur 8

Donghyuk: this guy came in to subway a few days ago and asked me really quietly, very serious, "are any of your breads gluten free”

Hanbin: lowkey didnt wanna eat these eggs bc they yellow an i hate team instinct #teamvalor

Junhoe: are you wearing a f u c k i n g c h o k e r

Chanwoo: when ur trying to read a rlly good fluff but your friend randomly shows up

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okay so here's a few things since i haven't been on ur blog for sometime.... #1 MISSSY YOU'RE SO CUTE! you have such a friendly face tho! #2 nooooooooo! it's come to an end?? just another chapter and 100au will be finished :" #3 WAIT NO MISSY WHO TOLD YOU TO WRITE THAT CAMBOY!JIMIN AU ASDFGHJKLDHSJ I JUST GOT BACK FROM TUTOR DAMMIT I HATE YOUU >:( #4 okay i love you <3


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"#you'll pry my neutral good characters from my cold dead body" HONESTLY SAME!!!! i'm neutral good n i relate to characters like that so much (esp preston like in ur tags) and it makes me so sad that ppl hate on those characters or say they're boring bc it's like a personal attack :(

IKR!!! me too anon!! and sometimes it gets really tiring when you have to keep ignoring/blocking/blacklisting because some people are constantly in your face about it (i.e. 90% of what’s in the preston and connor tags hm i wonder why 👀 ) it sucks a lot ;; just keep loving your faves and if anyone tries to give you lip about it, they can go step on a floor made entirely out of lego pieces (ง'̀-‘́)ง

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Birthday: March 7th

Gender/pronouns: She/Her

Relationship status: Single hmu please im so lonely

Zodiac sign: pisces

Sibling: 4 brothers and 3 sisters rip

Pets: my dogs!!!!!!! buddy and barbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wake up times: 6:30 am if its during the school year but since its summer its like 1 pm lmao

Love or Lust: love

Lemonade or iced tea: iced tea

Cats or Dogs: i!!!!!!cant!!!!!choose!!!!!

Day or Night: day

Text or call: texts, because i hate calling people like id rather talk to ur face fam

Met a celebrity? nope

Smile or eyes?: smile

Light or dark hair: light hair *swoons*

Short or tall: it depends???? cuz like i like short girls but i like tall boys BUT i also like short boys and tall girls so???????????

Chapstick or Lipstick: im chapstick mostly but i like to wear lipstick i just dont very often

City or Country: city, get me out of this cornfield that is my home rn

Last song you listened to: all i ask of you sang by josh groban and kelly clarkson bless

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if you arent following them, you definitely should be because theyre amazing and i love them 

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  1. What was my muses 5 last sent texts yours?
    [SMS]: that dress is very distracting, I have no idea what webber’s been talking about for the last 5mins
    [SMS]: oops my pen seems to have rolled over to UR side of the table …
    [SMS]: god will this meeting ever end, i hate budget meetings. That dress is helping tho. 
    [SMS]: as soon as this is done i expect you in my office rorish. bent over my desk.
    [SMS}; and the panties BETTER be gone. 
  1. What was my muses 5 last unsent texts yours.?
    [SMS]: ahudfikelfnvinur 
    [SMS]: stuck in traffic, gonna be late sorry babe. 
    [SMS]: dammit sorry last message never send. stuck in traffic, i’ll be home soon love you x
    [SMS]: that message full of smiley faces was from Abbey she seems to have found where the emoji’s live. 
  2. What was my muses last snapchat to yours?
  1. What my muse saved your number as? ‘Lea ♥’
  2. What contact photo my muse has set for yours?
  1. What ringtone my muse has set for yours? ‘The One - Kodaline’
  2. How many times my muse has called your this week? 12 - 3 of these times to remind him to pick up milk, which of course he forgot.
  3. How many calls has my muse missed from yours? 16 - Abbey made a few of these calls because Mommy was at work and Abbey missed her.