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The fan who took this photos and posted on her twitter said :

Waving his hand, Yuzu was skating around the rink while smiling. At that time, there could be heard a voice saying [ Thank you ]. Passing in front of me, Looking to the ice, facing down, he looked like fighting back the tears from falling down on his eyes so hard. I have many things to say thank you, but couldn’t do it well.

Lexa’s death was (in my opinion, as a gay) homophobic, because the lesbian death trope stems from many homophobic roots in media, one of which being that gay people could only have their stories told if they suffered great misfortunes/died in the end in older media. it’s also homophobic because essentially, they used the LGBTQ community for views. by “leaking” the Clarke/Lexa kiss scene, “leaking” the sex scene, and purposefully posting bts pictures of Clarke and Lexa together in the season finale, the producers knew what they were doing: they were making it look like Lexa would be alive & well all season, so the wlw community would continue watching. in my opinion, I feel pretty used for that–and that’s why I feel like Lexa’s death was homophobic. it stems from homophobic tv tropes (see: bury your gays, dead lesbian trope), and the writers seemingly used wlw, like myself, for views by baiting us into believing Lexa would be alive.

as for “having” to do it for ftwd, I disagree. there are many ways they could have written Lexa off. there was an episode where Lexa says one of the ways a commander can be deposed is through a vote of no confidence from all the ambassadors–the writers easily could have had this happen, and had Lexa exit the show (and maybe have her pop back in for an episode here and there, or at the very end of the series). They are show writers; their job is to be creative. a vote of no confidence, Lexa willingly stepping down, Lexa going off to war in another clan, Lexa going off simply on commander duties….all could be ways to write her off in a respectful manner, as well as keep her character open for future episodes.

I don’t like Jason, and I don’t like the show, so I don’t watch. that post was made because I was tired of seeing my friends, my fellow sapphic girls, watch the show at any mention of Lexa and be sad all over again about what happened. I was angry seeing people say that a half-hearted apology from Abby was enough to forget the death. I made the post because I, myself, was and still am grieving over Lexa. I’ve never felt more representation that I have in Clarke and Lexa, and losing Lexa felt like losing someone real to me.

I’m happy that you can and could still watch the show, even if your ship was killed off; but that’s not the case for me. wlw are hardly every given the lime light on tv, and we we are given rep, one of the girls or both of the girls are tortured, are miserable, or die. I can’t support the show anymore.

and it’s more than Clexa to me. it’s the fact that the show, from season one, has portrayed an imperialist vibe. it’s the fact that Raven, a woman of color, is so mistreated on the show. it’s the fact that the very first lesbian that’s mentioned (Costia) already has suffered a violent death because of her lover (a woman, Lexa). it’s the fact that they ruined bellamy’s character in s3 (IMO). it’s the fact that the writers thought that it was okay to chain a black man up and shoot him execution style. its the fact that in two episodes, the show killed off its main queer couple and its main interracial couple, both of which need representation in media. it’s a lot of reasons.

my dislike for the show started way back when I began watching it, but I was willing to ignore the many things wrong with the show because I finally, finally felt represented. Lexa’s death was what solidified it, for me. it’s much deeper than me being upset about my favorite character dying. it’s way more than that.


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