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Aries: They start off the day with loads of “Happy Valentine’s Day, babe” messages from various unimportant people which feels pretty good at first, but as the day goes on they start to feel empty because they don’t have anyone that they truly care about.

Taurus: They don’t really mind the fact that they’re single on Valentine’s day because it’s just another day in the year. UNLESS they just got out of a relationship… if that’s the case then they’ll probably end up wallowing all day and listening to sad songs.

Gemini: There are two types of single gems on Valentine’s Day. Type one won’t even acknowledge that it’s Valentine’s Day and will just go on with their life as usual. While type two is just devastated that they are single and will probably text a few of their exes to try and have some fun later.

Cancer: Probably will lock themselves inside all day to avoid the cute couples and Valentine’s Day decorations. Also, is most likely to cry if they see either of those things. 

Leo: Are these guys ever really single on Valentine’s Day? Secret admirers and/or best friends are always around to give them small gifts, chocolates, or cards… They enjoy every second of Valentine’s Day- single or taken.

Virgo: Chill AF, they don’t waste time with sadness or hoping for a significant other to fall out the sky. They probably have plans to hang out with close friends or family later in the day because Valentine’s Day isn’t about being in love it’s about being around people you LOVE, right?

Libra: “Alright everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day, I may be single this year, but that’s no reason for me to be bitter over everyone else’s happiness. I’ve decided that I don’t need false validation to be happy today, I’m going to wait for my soulmate to appear. I need to love myself before someone else can love me. Good luck to all the couples out there xx” - Libra’s Facebook status. However, after they finish post this they proceed to cry themselves to sleep because of singleness.

Scorpio:  VALENTINE’S DAY WAS INVENTED BY THE GREETING CARD COMPANIES. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CELEBRATES VALENTINE’S DAY IS STUPID AND IS BEING FOOLED BY CAPITALISM! … someone please rise from the ashes and date me. - Scorpio’s mind for the full duration of Valentine’s Day

Sagittarius: A part of them is super chill about being single because relationships are too stressful, but hearing everyone else’s romantic plans on Valentine’s Day can depress them a bit. They’ll get over it after a while though and go to the movies with another hopelessly single friend.

Capricorn: They will try their hardest to come across as not caring about the fact that they are single, but on the inside they’re evaluating all the relationships they had over the past year. What went wrong? Why did it go wrong?  Nothing is my fault right? RIGHT…

Aquarius: The Valentine’s Day party-pooper along with Scorpio. However, they’ll go out of their way to let people know how stupid Valentine’s Day is. You see that angry couple walking down the street? Yep, they just got a lecture from our dear friend, Aquarius, about how stupid they are and how meaningless Valentine’s Day is.

Pisces: They’re crying all day, not just because they are single, but also because they have to wait one more day for all the Valentine’s candy to be on sale.

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after reading the ages post all i can think is ritsu telling shou "shut up ur like twelve" every time they have an argument


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Shit ur twelve??? Dude there's like. Porn and shit on this hell site. Stay safe jfc

ive been safe so far

i think i’m ok

besides i only stalk the hamilton stuff ssoooooooo

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Red Hood and little Robin are arguing on my roof at 2 am. Robin just yelled, "But I'm the son of Batman!" and Red Hood retaliated with "SHUT UP UR LIKE TWELVE!" It's too late for this family drama I'm going back to bed. #OnlyInGotham #IHaveAJobInterviewInTheMorning #PlsLeaveMeAlone

VASTRA: He looked like your dashing young gentleman friend. Your lover, even.
CLARA: Shut up.
VASTRA: But he is the Doctor. He has walked this universe for centuries untold, he has seen stars fall to dust. You might as well flirt with a mountain range.

–About Eleven/Twelve, Deep Breath

  • clara: doctor, i'm tired. we're staying in tonight. i've got a bottle of sherry and some DVDs.
  • twelve: ah, sherry. you know i accidentally invented sherry? well, i accidentally invented fortified wine altogether. some wine merchant saw me pouring brandy in my wine and nicked the idea. now it's a thing, wine in the brandy, brandy in the wine.
  • twelve: *narrows eyes*
  • twelve: it's almost like...
  • clara: oh for fuck's sake
  • twelve: A HYBRID
  • clara: *pushing him toward the TARDIS* you're uninvited
Twelve and Clara

all I was doing was editing that audio of Last Christmas for a vid and I just heard things and this happened…had to include earlier ones too…sorry…not sorry!

Edit: btw this was the thing i was freaking out about in an earlier post. Also I don’t even know what to call this track!