ur swell

do u ever look at ur fav and just sigh bc they r so beautiful and ur whole body just kinda floods w emotion and ur heart swells w love and u can’t think of a singular reason to not love and support them? and like they do stupid stuff sometimes and u hate them but u don’t leave bc u r here til the end?? like ur ride or die whether or not u wanna be.

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hey fam!!!!! hope ur having a swell day. could i maybe possibly have something with joel h x fem!reader where she's like 22 or something and they're dating and it's all people talk about? like on twitter and in comment sections and forums and stuff. and he gets heckin upset bc she does? xo

Word Count: 1,049

It started with a comment and exploded from there. You knew how mean the community could get when they latched onto something. You also knew that usually it went away after awhile but six months later and it was still just as bad if not worse.

“You know if I was trying to sleep my way to the top I would have gone with Burnie or Matt. Sure Joel is the looker but they have the better pull,” you read off to Jon. He was also go to for this kind of thing considering he was your closet friend at the company. “It’s not like I’ve even moved up. Sure I’ve been offered positions to move up but I can’t take them because of shit like this.”

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Girl, no? I follow you because you have an amazing personality and a kind heart. If you were acting like a mean or bad person I would unfollow you in that minute. You can post whatever you want, this is your own blog.

this is among the nicest things ive ever read thank u bless u i hope ur day was swell n ily….,,..

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Okay so I'm exactly like Asahi. I'm very tall, people think I'm kinda scary looking (probs cuz I'm emo tho lol), but in reality I'm a little coward. And my horse is the exact same way. He's a little crazy and he spooks easily because he's scared of everything, but he's this big muscular horse. And I feel like Asahi would ride a horse that is a mirror of his soul, and it would help him grow as a person! Just like it's helped me!



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Hey Fandom Man! I hope u and your family are doing great. Just know I think ur swell and I love following u. Peace 😎

Thank you! They are and your awesome too anon

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hello sunshine r u okie? ur a real boy don't listen to the haters 💓 i think ur blog is pretty swell and ur pretty rad and it's gonna be alright okie? you are a real boy. maybe do something that comforts you? watch ur fav tv show/ youtuber, make some tea(or ur preferred drink) and snuggle up under a cozy blanket and just focus on ur fav show or whatever comforts u. cry if you need to, it's okay love, just let it all out and do something that makes you happy and comforts u 💓💓💓

this is so adorable and kind thank you!! i basically broke down last night for two hours because there were so many bad thoughts in my head. i got an excruciating headache and pretty much passed out from the pain. im doing a little better today though!! my girlfriend has been so lovely to me, i don’t deserve her. all my other friends have helped me too which is great. thank you so much, once again, it means a lot. have a great week, ily


Sure, no problem, whatevs.