ur such a dumbass

mrs curtis: *holding her second born* honey what should we call him

mr curtis: sodapop

mrs curtis: 

years later

mrs curtis: *holding her third born* honey what should we call him?

mr curtis: ponyboy

mrs curtis: 

bucky stans genuinely make this fandom so hostile like if you like sharon carter or tony stark ur demonized and they’ll shit talk ur fave on ur posts and they’ll make dumbass posts about how ur fave RUINED the marvel franchise and are somehow treated ~better~ (as if marvel hasn’t fucked those characters over m u l t i p l e times) and they’ll glossy up steve’s shitty actions in civil war (like not taking up tony’s offer to get bucky medical care in the FIRST place and invading a foreign country without permission) and act like there’s no possible WAY you could like bucky barnes and sharon carter and tony stark like i genuinely pulled away from the mcu fandom because of bucky barnes stans who also go “ur white if u like tony stark” like hello bucky barnes is a bitch ass white boy too

these dumbass exes fuck up ur life then reappear and really be getting mad when u don’t want them back lol bye get the fuck out

ur probably a dumbass if your first instinct when you see a large battery is to think, i want to lick it.
don’t lick batteries, kids, even if they’re the size of both your fists together.