ur such a damsel in distress

  • raphael, harshly: valentine tried to *kill* you or have you already forgotten?
  • simon: but he didn't.
  • raphael: you're not safe here; you belong with your clan
  • simon: i literally just settled in here and now you wanna play nice?? why do you do this? why now? you don't even need me
  • raphael, softer: please
  • simon: *raphael's hand on his cheek* fuck

A quick doodle of were!Mccree finding a helpless & passed out young!Hanzo. (damsel in distress)

He likes the smell of this human and decides to take care of him like a good alpha that he is. Also, he rolled Hanzo into a burrito so that he doesn’t get cold.

lol fuc k

So since I am Officially Finished with the Generator Rex rewatch, I would like to make an Official List of the Gayest Moments in (mostly) Chronological Order:

1: Rex and Noah meeting. Like

Rex is hanging with some jackasses and Noah comes in and is all “Y’know those guys don’t really wanna be ur friends right”.

So then they just

This shit is straight out of a romcom kill me.

2: Six catches them and it’s basically the classic “Son I don’t like ur boyfriend” and Rex is like “But dad I love him so like fuck off”.

Again, classic romance trope.

3: When Rex does this:

Noah Nixon #confirmed for damsel in distress.

4: Every time Rex and Noah play basketball:

5: When Rex finds out Noah was hired by White.

And he’s #heartbroken and breaks up with him.

6: When Rex socks Noah in the face and has the “What have I done” moment.

7: Rex: I never wanna see you again!

Noah: *gets captured 5 seconds later*

Rex: BAE!

8: They have the classic awkward “so, friends again?” moment

9: The fucking prom episode.

Guest starring their lesbian friends:

End me.

10: The blatant Sexual Tension in “Basic”.

11: More Damsel In Distress Noah:

12: Domestic Boyfriends:

13: The haunted house episode:

14: The goddamn motherfucking table tennis episode

Like. Wow.

15: The fact that Rex totally fucked that one edgy biker kid with the anime hair.



17: Rex fanboying over a buff actor from his favorite soap opera.

18: Noah: I have a date with Claire.


19: Arguing in the car like an old married couple.

20: The guy just expects them to share the bed because he just knows they’re a couple.

21: This bullshit here.


23: The final gay double date.


i’ve seen a lot of people mix up certain gods and goddesses with each other and thats totally ok considering that even i, a girl born and raised in a Hindu family, gets shit confused all the time because it’s literally impossible to memorize the millions of gods like there are literally millions literally

SO FIRST UP meet Vishnu

he’s one of the three supreme deities, part of the holy trinity and what not. he’s basically known for being in everything and maintaining the world up to the atomic level and is also in charge of all things good. he’s a real nice guy, super friendly. had three jealous wives but can you blame him i mean it’s not every day you can find such a guy like him.


this guy’s your super chill grandpa. also part of the holy trinity, he basically created the universe and was the first to appear and gives humans creativity and knowledge. he gives advice to everyone and is basically everyone’s…. brah. GET IT HAHAHA i am going to Naraka–


part of the holy trinity he is referred to as the WORLD DESTROYER. and how does he destroy the world? he dances it into fucking oblivion thats fucking how. fear the arts. literally kinda useless without Shakti though but we’ll get to that later.

aside from his whole world annihilation thing he’s a pretty chill guy who meditates all the time. total family man, loves his wife and all. just don’t get him pissed off ya know.


there are literally so many cartoons about this guy that i’ve watched as a kid like he was the biggest little shit alright lemme just say that just think of a spoiled pooh bear except as a little blue human and instead of honey he goes after milk/sweets HE’S ALWAYS HUNGRY I SWEAR EVERY FUCKING STORY IS ABOUT FOOD 

anyways he’s basically revered as the most prettiest– thats right, PRETTIEST – god/avatar of Vishnu. this is why i said it was ok to get these guys mixed up since theyre all fucking blue anyways except for the old guy man Brahma my dude are you sure you gave humans enough creativity 

but yeah most of the stories are about his childhood but then he becomes a prince and every girl wants him so basically he’s our version of Romeo BUT HE STILL ACTS LIKE A ROYAL PRICK HES LIKE THE EPITOME OF “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” he lifts mountains for sport and beats up/plays around with demons for the fun of it like theyre toys or whatever man i have a lot to say about this kid but i’ll stop 

so now that you know about the holy trinity of gods it’s time to learn about the holy trinity of GODDESSES YEAHHH GIRL POWER right under the cut cause shit this post is getting long

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melissa’s muses ( feat. their signature colors ) + deadpool credits ( insp. )

If i saw diana id play it full damsel in distress come save me wonder woman i am in terrible danger pls take me in ur arms. lets fly away


SO everybody watch this sneak peak from the next episode (as a side note @caffeinated-and-confused bless u fr uploading this clip) and mark down 11/12/16 as the day timecanary was confirmed and reborn as we got:

- Sara feeling guilty for not being able to save Rip!! someone finally showing outward grief and concern for Rip who they all knew for more than 6 months!!! Rip being thought about!!

- “The Legion have nothing” “They have Rip

- Sara equating a piece of the spear of destiny, ancient artifact their enemies are desperate for, capable of changing history, changing the timeline, aka the most powerful object in the world,  as being as important as Rip Hunter, im so !!!!

- “We lost him, Jax. again

- Jax to Sara: “If I know one thing one thing about you, it’s that you don’t give up. When you really want something you are unstoppable, and God help anybody that tries to get in your way.  We are gonna find him, and we’re gonna bring him home.”

  1. Jax: when you want something ur unstoppable
  2. Jax: *immediately talks about how they’re going to save Rip*
  3. Jax was only saying this bc Sara was feeling guilty about failing to save Rip the first time
  4. conclusion: Sara wants Rip. Sara noticeably cares about Rip. timecanary is Real #confirmed

- Rip is going to be the damsel-in-distress to Sara’s heroic captain, and that’s the kind of role-reversal I like to see in my ships

- Sara Lance cares deeply about Rip Hunter. CANON timecanary angst. we’ve been blessed. @ legends I forgive you of anything you’ve truly made the holiday season a magical time with this clip. thank you.

yoursziam  asked:

yoooooooo what are you fav ziam moments from the biggining of the wwat?

heyHEY i got a few of these currently in my inbox, so instead of replying single-handedly, i’ll just reply them back into this one :-) *these are just a few STANDOUT faves throughout the tour so far, not just the beginning* OK here we GO <3

1: THE kill-your-whole-family-and-neighbours ZIAM HUG

OBVIOUSLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! steam is emitting from my ears rn i can’t believe how sappy they are, like they’re always showing affection but sometimes they randomly do things like THIS and i’m in two minds whether to HATE THEM for it or cry w. joy :-( look at liam :-( so happy :-(

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ok but what if there was a guardian angel!au with harry as eggsy’s guardian angel except theyre called knights 

and harry is sent to earth to be harry’s knight because hes too young to be taking care of his family while suffering at the hands of his stepfather like this and at first eggsy is like fuck off bruv ive been doing this long enough i can handle myself but ofc harry cant fuck off back to heaven bc he has just been sent here so harry just sticks around and sees eggsy and grows fond of the boy’s kindness and big heart and tenacity 

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anonymous asked:

Okay but Karkat hiding under Dave's cape to avoid others, like when he's tired of social interactions or anything like that ???? And maybe like sometimes they're searching for him and Dave's all

GOOD. i like this idea. its cute af. karkat just curling against his back so smol and dave guards him all dutifully and calls karkat his damsel in distress like dw ur knight in soft pajamas is here to rescue u from unwanted social interactions

them wasting hours like that, karkat even falling asleep against his back, snoozing while dave dicks around with his mixing stuff, sometimes passes him one of his earbuds like what do u think of this, should i change this or that abt it? 

occasionally the mayor totters on over to check on his boys and clambers under the cape to sit w karkat and dave too omg… <3

anonymous asked:

Hi, can you please explain what the fuss is about around Joss Whedon lately ? I don't understand and can't find relatable infos anywhere... Thanks, love ur blog btw !

well this post i just reblogged about natasha’s characterization in aou explains some of it. the TL;DR version of that post: 

  • natasha was reduced to nothing more than bruce’s love interest and a sexist damsel-in-distress cliche
  • there was only one short flashback scene of natasha’s past despite being promised that her past would play an important role in aou
  • natasha compared herself to being a monster like the hulk because she can’t have biological children (honestly what the fuck)

and there’s also the fact that he whitewashed wanda and pietro maximoff and turned them into volunteers of a neo-nazi organization which is unbelievably offensive as their original backstory states they’re the children of holocaust survivors. 

but this is just aou and the recent criticism joss whedon’s been getting. there’s so much more that’s happened before with his earlier projects (like buffy, firefly, etc.) and there are so many receipts on this man i don’t even know where to begin so here’s a helpful masterpost

ragidi  asked:

I just read about ur movie. The idea of princesses, who are usually portrayed as the vulnerable damsels in distress, facing a horror situation and handling it is very interesting! I dunno if it's the right time to ask but can I audition? *puppy eyes*

This is exactly the thesis behind this project! I want these women to appear “cookie cutter” and “typical”, but believe me, these will be well thought out characters with strong personalities and backstory.

My BIGGEST problem with today’s horror movies is that they don’t make you care about the characters before they start killing them off. I want you to really fall for them before they begin meeting their untimely demises. That’s what I’m hoping will be one of the more effective aspects to the project.

I’m still timeline-ing out the story, so auditions won’t be for a while. Stay tuned though! 😊