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quick while youre still under the influence tell me all your opinions on: gay!keith, bi!lance, and future canon klance on the show (like do you think they'll kiss?? on screen??? and if they did how would you handle it??????) thank

keithI is gay af for lance and lance had his Big Gay Epiphany about keef and they will fall in love slowly but surely and it will be fucking sweet and WHEN they do kiss it’s gonna be soft and im going to be crying like a bitchbaby. in summary: klance is cannon king



I returned home in January from my 14 months of living in Orlando and working at Disney and leaving was certainly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I almost didn’t get on the plane - and I am genuinely not lying when I say that. But I’m back in Australia and even though things were hard and confusing and stressful at first, I’m working again and things are looking up!

I’ve had some ups and downs with my mental health but I’ve been off my anti-depression/anxiety medication for about 6 months, which is super exciting for me. I had to distance myself from someone who I considered one of my best friends because of how much they were bringing me down. and even though it hurt a lot at first and I was just very confused by the entire situation, I know it was the best for me and my mental health. I don’t feel pulled down and held back anymore, I feel like my light can shine again and that’s what I really need.

I opened myself up to my sexuality and allowed myself to be entirely accepting of myself and who I am, and now I live openly and proudly as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Whether I choose to use the term bisexual, gay or queer, I just want to live my life being open to meaningful, loving, human connections without gender as a factor. The moment I began to accept my sexuality was the moment a lot of things fell into place for me. I’ve felt much more confident, much happier and so entirely okay with just being me. I’m really grateful that my experience has been so positive, and I hope that it might help others in their journey. 

The crazy part of all of this is that I truly know now how much you just continue to grow as you get older. I thought I was better when I was 20, but that was just a step away from bad habits. I thought I was finally content at 21, but that was just a step out of the endless cloud of depression. I’m 22 and now I understand. Where I am right now is just a step towards where I’ll be next year. I feel happy, I feel confident, I feel content and I feel genuinely excited for life. But maybe next year I’ll feel even more deeply, and that’s really cool to think about. 

more discourse bc i read some more responses: “ah isnt purposefully destructive”

someone find the fucking clip of jack looking around the BEAUTIFUL off topic set and saying something along the lines of “i just look around and say ‘what can i fuck up in here’”

also just take a lil gander at their room. a ceiling tile literally fell on top of jeremy. there are holes from weapons in basically everything. check yourself before you wreck yourself