ur so pretty i just


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

I just woke up from a dream in which I was explaining just how irredeemably corrupt star wars is as a franchise so I guess here’s your reminder that if you think star wars is somehow politically clever or sounder than marvel atm, a) it’s comics are all run by marvel and b) they both come from the same parent company so anyway all talk of representation and political soundness is empty because disney is just gaming both sides of the political spectrum to rake in those sweet sweet monies

sometimes i think i might be a lesbian but who tf knows

TBH I’d really like a stable n healthy romantic relationship but sometimes I’m genuinely certain and afraid that I will never find that



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cardcaptor!yurio in his agape costume as a commission for @meganeyuuri! ⭐️✨

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ur music is so pretty and so is ur voice, and i'm just so in love with your suit and tie cover it makes me so happy!!

Being called pretty is lowkey one of my favorite things

And I will try

to fix you.

@95s- “we all need to take a page out of carlys book none of us are even close to her league” 

FHJASKDSFHJ PLS…. :’((( listen ur the most cutest angel ive ever seen like?? ur smile radiates my screen whenever u post a selfie like?? who Allowed u to do this to me??


Whatever you say, Alphys, whatever you say.