ur so flawless


Anna Torv as Virginia
“Love Is Now” (2014)

personalities of got7 stans

jb / jaebum. constantly attacked by his appearance no matter what ugly outfit he happens to be wearing. either disgustingly highkey abt him or constantly has to remind themselves to look away when he’s in the shot. his smile is their cause of death basically

mark. lowkey on tumblr but highkey everywhere else. every vid ft.mark has his stans going like “mark…ur so flawless. so angelic” even if the vid is just him snoring on the couch. combusts every time mark pulls some cute expression

junior / jinyoung. will tag him as perfect boyfriend material every time he merely glances @ the camera. conflicted on either calling him mom or daddy. v frustrated over his eye smiles&perfection

jackson. totally numbed by his wildness, also have no excuses on why they stan him w/o going fake deep. are the ones who chug out got7 memes bc it’s jackson. who else are the memes’ source. v quick to defend him if necc.

youngjae. will barge into the conversation just to let everyone know that his  laugh&smile is a gift from heaven and no one should forget that. aren’t afraid to emphasize his childlike innocence. always like “why is he so unappreciated”

bambam. rare but when u see them u know. like jackson stans, they’re p tired of bb’s slickass antics but still die over them. super proud of his achievements like a mother. but also makes fun of bb a lot bc love makes u do that. i guess.

yugyeom. always tied between calling him an absolute baby or an absolute babe. there’s no in-between. always like “omg my tiny son is growing up!!” so smug every time yugyeom throws shade at got6