ur so far gone

ok im serious like people need to know im not even remotely faking any of my love for Oikawa as some joke i will just straight up get choked up at pictures of him at this point im so fucking rekt 

bege: this plan is gonna work out 

katakuri: thIS pLaN IS goNnA WoRK oUt

lmao @ the people cheering steve and bucky on for trying to beat tony to death. what ur talking abt is already canon

steve was so far gone civilian emergency responders –– police officers, paramedics, firemen –– had to stop him from committing murder.

he turns himself in to be arrested because he recognizes if it weren’t for those people he very well might have killed tony

anyone tryna turn murder (in a 2 vs. 1 fight no less) into some cute otp thing or a way to live vicariously through gross tony hate, steve rogers would be ashamed of u

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Rukia's most beautiful panels? *.*


But in all seriousness, this is so hard to pick. Why would you ask this of me, anon. This is like pulling TEETH I CAN’T DO THIS

…. but if I MUST, I have to say I’m partial to the way Rukia is drawn in most of the ‘big’ ir scenes in the manga. (I mean, it makes sense, too, most of the ‘big’ ir scenes in the manga also happen to be IMPORTANT scenes, so kubo probably puts a lot of effort into drawing ichigo and rukia particularly well.) I really appreciate that one panel of Rukia looking like she’s about to cry in SS during the bridge scene (when Ichigo comes flying in on one wing and says ‘I’m here to save you’), because ‘I told you not to come, I forbade you to come, and now you’re all cut up, you dummy…’. Obviously, farewell swords Rukia needs to get a mention, bc oh my god the absolute longing in her eyes as she looks up at Ichigo for the last time?!? And then, of course, that one panel in Death and Strawberry 2, when she stabs Ichigo in the chest and he looks at her like she personally hung up the sun, moon, and stars. AND THEN THERE’S EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER BANKAI PANELS, not to even mention her ‘Dance with Snowwhite’ chapter cover. Don’t even get me started on that. 

But my absolute favourite definitely has to be from the fullbring arc–

– imo, Rukia has never looked as beautiful as she does in this one panel. And may I just add that this is her in Ichigo’s imagination?? When he pictures her, after 17 months of absence, it’s not just another greyscale memory like all his other memories are– she’s ALIVE in his memories, alive and vital and real to him as if he can’t quite manage to accept the fact that the only place he sees her now is in his memories. And she’s so, so beautiful– when Ichigo pictures her after 17 months, he pictures her beautiful, ephemeral, and looking back wistfully at him.

Now look me in the eye and tell me the boy’s not in love Oh look is that a love heart on his cardigan talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve


He’s had worse.
Should you get involved?
No. Sometimes an Avenger… But we all have things we need to do on our own.