ur so cute i hate you

someone was like ‘can u imagine mark trying to write diss raps on school rappers’ and i just..his diss raps would be like:

  • ‘my hair has gone through more than urs so who do u think u are to talk down to me’
  • ‘listn i have been promoting for a year straight i don’t know what sleep is so don’t say you’re tired of this’
  • 'i may be from canada but i can still be rude…u….ur nose is kinda…small…actually it’s cute ur nose is cute don’t hate me’
  • 'u look like the egg i once tried to fry. but it was still like, a good egg like, this isn’t an insult u just remind me of that egg bc i’m hungry’
  • 'excuse me but did you win the sm mini award for 'child that grows well’ no? yeah i didn’t think so’
  • 'okay but sm let me say 'long ass ride’ on the debut track of my group so who of us do you think is more powerful’
  • 'go ahead and diss me i’m in a group with yuta i’m used to worse’
  • 'okay but like….ur aware ur using this english word incorrectly right? don’t take this the wrong way i’m jus trying to help you improve’
  • 'talk to me when you’ve passed all ur exams even tho u don’t get to sleep and barely have time to attend classes’

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i want to punch your cute face | isaac lahey

anon request:  1, 3 and 10 with Isaac if is possible ✨ thanks babe i love u and ur blog 💖

1. “is that my shirt?”

3. “enough with the sarcasm.”

10. “I want to punch your cute face.”

warnings: none just fluff

a/n: holy shit im so sorry it’s been so long, i’ve been so lazy and i just haven’t had any motivation to write but i love you more. its really short too ugh i hate myself,, but i do have other requests that i will try to get to asap

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“What The Hell, Clay?”

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Pairing: Jeff x fem!reader

Request:  9. “i can’t believe you!” 19. “i’m going to kill you!” 12. “i hate you.” 47. “you’re cute when you’re angry.” so like i’m requesting a jeff atkins imagine w/ these prompts. i really enjoy ur writing & thought maybe clay tells jeff you’ve been crushing on him & jeff kept flirting w/ u all day which is strange. so u ask him what’s up, he ends up telling u about what clay said. lots of fluff! thank u!! 💖

Warnings: none :)

Word count: 636

I hope you like it!

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Am i the only one who's bothered by those posts talking about cute things gay couples do, etc. and somebody replies with like "omg imagine your otp!!" ? idk if it's like, a 'valid' thing to get uncomfortable over, but i kinda hate it? Like everytime there's a cute story about a gay couple there's always the "OMG IMAGINE UR OTP, THO!" ppl, and it's like.... it feels like they're always taking the experiences and stories of gay men and using it for their ships instead of acting like we're real ppl

Nah I totally agree with you, it’s super dehumanizing! Gay people aren’t just puppets for people to play around with, our real lives aren’t fictional scenarios! It’s one thing to go “omg that’s so cute, I love hearing about this,” it’s another to treat real people as nothing more than fanfiction fodder.

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I'm super upset about this new Eleanor website. I never liked the B one either. I dislike both girls, but that's blatant targeted harassment. The URLs are public and in their names. I feel like we live down to the perception of us as cruel trolls whenever I see posts celebrating these sites (on other blogs). I'm sure it's not something you can discuss publicly, but gosh, I really wish it would stop. But everyone is so stubborn I fear they'll never see it from the other perspective.

everyone pretend i just put on a velour tracksuit hoodie à la brooklyn 99′s gina linetti bc it’s TIME FOR KATE’S OPINION. and full disclosure i’m gonna answer this then just turn off my inbox bc i have neither the time nor interest to discuss it further. so anyway. yeah. i will admit that i got a chuckle out of that website when it first went up! i rly did. i hate that garbage family too so it was like LOL OOP! but then it updated…and updated again…and again…and……again…and it was like oh ok so ur like. rly doing this then…ok…well, i mean hope you’re enjoying the anonymous attn and that this is somehow satisfying for you?? bc quite frankly i find this shit embarrassing. not to mention, B probably LOVES that website lmao. that’s right up her alley. but like truly, that shit is the stuff that makes it SO easy for antis to be nasty to and about us. believe me, i KNOW they target us for literally just existing (i get hate frequently and all i do is fuckign reblog cute pictures and memes and stay in my gd lane 98.7% of the time) and i’m absolutely not blaming larries for the actions of antis, but i’m saying that that website and the like is the type of shit antis hone in on and the shit that gives them ammunition. that’s on their level, that’s shit they understand bc they, too, run blogs and websites abt ppl they hate. it’s as childish and oftentimes cruel when larries do it as it is when antis do it. it’s middle school and high school level immaturity and it’s literally just embarrassing.

and now w/the eleanor one too lmao like my dude,,, i think it’s time to step away from the internet?? think abt what you’re doing. i don’t fault anyone for disliking her. el*unor was…nothing short of awful at times. but like skjdhfk “how many desperate, pathetic women…” ??? if anything, this website strikes me as more desperate and pathetic than anything else right now. ik everyone has their own ways of coping w/stuff but idk, man. be decent. you’re not doing the good and noble thing w/this shit. it’s 2017. be nice. be good.

things cis people say

“wait ur nonbinary? I thought you were trans!”
“But using your pronouns are hard!!”
“Cis is a slur!!!”
“I hate those trans people who always make a fuss!”
“Is that a man or a woman? *uses it/its*”
“I’m alright with trans people, I just hate those fake genders”
*Insert 500 transphobic jokes*
“They’re just jokes oh my god! You’re so sensitive”
“Lmao men in dresses are so funny”
“But what if a man says he’s a woman and sneaks into the bathroom to assault people”
“you’re pretty cute for a trans man/woman”
“which bathroom do you use”
“what’s in your pants”
“are u pre op?”
“How do you have sex?”
“so technically you’re a (insert assigned gender)”
“So she- well, she thinks she’s a boy but I’ve known her for a long time so it’s okay”
“I’ve never met a trans before !!”
"i can misgender you cos you’re a cunt”
“you’re not even trans”
“But you don’t look trans!”
“I wouldn’t date a trans, I’m just not attracted to them”
“i identify as a dog LOL !!!”
“down with trans”
“Cisphobia is just as bad as transphobia”
“how can you hate someone just for being transphobic?”
“down with cis is harmful”
“dysphoria cant be that bad”
“down with hate”
“I’m not transphobic my sister’s friend’s cousin’s nephew is trans!”
“You transgenders will say anything’s transphobic”
“im not transphobic i thought i was trans 
"are you sure you’re not just butch?”
“you’re too young to know your’re trans!”
“you’re too old to know you’re trans!”
“why is being trans suddenly a trend?”
"i can say that i have a trans friend”
“this is (birthname) she thinks she’s a boy!”
“oh she’s playing dress up”
“i’ve never dated a trans but i’m up for experimenting”
“i can say that i have a trans friend”

The boys want to buy u food (Rajigaze 3/31)

Uruha (reading mail): “I really don’t like being treated. It may because my father once said to me, ‘who do you think is paying your bills!?’ but I just feel this pressure like if someone is paying for me, I have to do what they tell me. Of course I know it’s not really like that, I’m sure not everyone who gives you money is expecting you to do as they say. But I still feel pressure, and I avoid being treated. If I go out to eat with that weight on me, I can’t even enjoy the food, and it’s really just a waste in so many ways. But I heard that not accepting someone’s offer to treat you could be taken as you trying to distance yourself from them, so I thought maybe it was bad that I was doing that, so, this was many years ago but, I decided to try to let my boyfriend at the time treat me. But sure enough he ended up thinking he could tell me what to do. Maybe he had always been that kind of person and I just didn’t notice, but since becoming a full-time worker, I thought it would be bad as a subordinate not to let my superior treat me, so I let them, but it was obvious that –” huh?

(people are starting to get giggly at this point cause it’s getting so long)

Uruha: “It was obvious that he had other motives. But I w–

(now Uruha is giggling too)

Uruha: “I wonder if as a subordinate and a woman it’s better to just genuinely say ‘thank you!’, and I’m sure the person treating me would feel good about it too–

Ruki: *snoring*

Kai: (giggling) don’t fall asleep!

(everyone starts giggling again)

Uruha: “But it just puts too much pressure on me and I really don’t like it, so I don’t want to accept it. Food that I buy with my own money is less stressful, and it tastes better…Is this my Dark Side?”

(everyone especially Kai lOsEs iT)



Uruha: Man that was hard even tho I was the one reading it I didn’t get it…

Reita: Okay so it’s like because of some trauma she has from her dad she thinks being treated equals you have to do what they say so she doesn’t wanna be treated–

Ruki: *snoring*

(Everyone dies laughing)

Aoi: Yep.

Reita: Okay but where she lost me is like, when she says she can’t enjoy the food, but do you already know if you’re getting treated or not before the end of the meal? …..What y'all think

(Kai and Uruha laugh)

Uruha: What, like, “you pay today”?

Reita: Well like, don’t you usually find out after eating who’s gonna pay?

Aoi: Well, yeah, you’re right

Reita: So wouldn’t she not know she was gonna get treated?

Kai: Yeah, but I think she already has that feeling

Reita: She’s in treat mode!!!!

Kai: Treat mode!!!

Uruha: Hmm…..

Aoi: Well, it’s kinda rude [of Reita] to say it like that.

Reita: Yeah I kinda…thought that too

(Kai dying in background)

Reita: I thought, that’s rude!

(Everyone laughing)

Aoi: I mean, she must have been treated a few times before, right?

Reita: Yes…

Aoi: Let’s just leave it at that.

Reita: I’m sorry!

Aoi: The radio is something we make together, you know. 

Reita: I’m sorry!

(there’s a pause and then Ruki says something but I can’t catch but everyone starts laughing, it’s something like u done fucked up on the last show)

Uruha: So, does this person have a Dark Side?

Aoi: I think she was just surrounded by bad people. The people around her were just that kinda person [who thinks they can tell u what to do bc they pay for u]…like, I don’t feel that, I feel like that’s arrogant

Reita: Right!? Like, I don’t even need u to thank me!!!

Ruki: Ah-! I just remembered something kinda similar…u know like…when you go out to eat with a kohai…you pay right?

Hoes: yeh

Ruki: But they try to pay too, you know? So I was like, show me ur wallet fam…and I looked and there was nothing in it… (why is this man so savage)

Kai: Oh, he just wanted to make the gesture kinda thing?

Uruha: That’s cute though!! …But is it really important that kohais offer to pay anyway..? Should they…? I mean, if a senpai is there…

Aoi: Well, I don’t need them to, but…

Ruki: Idk, in some cases is might come off as rude? [if they don’t offer]

Uruha: Ahh ur right…

Reita: But also I hate going back and forth a bunch of times.

Ruki: Ahh yeh

Reita: Like if I offer to pay just lemme pay

Uruha: Just be like “thx” right?

Aoi: I think it depends on the first time you go out. If the senpai was like, “let’s split the bill,” I’ll keep paying [next time]

Reita: Oooooh

Uruha: Aaaaah

Reita: I see

Uruha: Yeh for sure

Reita: Man it’s hard eh

Uruha: But isn’t it cuter if the kohai’s just like, “thank u!!!!” [just accepts]

Reita: Aww ya, when they depend on u like, “pls cud I have some more food???”

Aoi: Yes well we want them to eat lots until they’re full~!

Reita: Yes~!

(I translated what Rei said as depend on but another meaning of the word he used is when u act like a spoiled baby lmao so I guess he thinks that’s cute)

(LADIES if papa aoi n rei take u out to eat ask them to order lots of food for u and then let them pay)

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hi!! how are you?? your writing is incredible!! i was wondering if you could do a scenario where jungkook falls for a very very shy girl?? or a drabble about what jungkook dating a shy girl would be like?? i'm a very shy jungkook stan so i always imagine what it's like for him to date someone shyer than himself. thank you!! i hope you're having a good day!! xx

and i hope you’ll like my writing too, knowing that rose truly was a lil bit gifted (lmao she’ll kill me). i chose to do a list type of thing because i’m not good with drabbles or scenarios. i might try to do a tiny drabble later, though. :3
i hope you enjoy this, anonie~

(it’s kind of short, sorry for that e_e)


  • first of all, only god knows how you two got together because he’s also a shy bean-
  • wait
  • what’s that sound…? 
  • oh
  • oh nO
  • ok i’m sorry
  • but really though, jungkook is a dipshit and the fact that you are shy would make his ego jump over the roof. someone should put him down that’s why i want him to get a confident girlfriend/boyfriend
  • but yeah back to the drabble
  • first of all (for real this time) jeon jungkook will tease the hell out of you
  • and not cute teasing
  • but annoying and stupid teasing
  • and sometimes he will hurt you by teasing you too much, but it’s okay, jungkook is also very sweet and caring, so he will comfort you and cuddle you and tell you cute things and he won’t tease you for a long time
  • i’m already weak hold me
  • enjoys watching you blush, so will do anything to witness you blushing
  • he will do things like “oh wow look at smol/tol you lemme just get real close so that i can look down at you/see if we are at eye level hah”
  • i hope god is on your side because the smirking galore is literally never ending and you might pass out 
  • i would pass out 
  • he??? smirks every time he catches you looking at him??? AND EVEN BEFORE HE TURNS TO LOOK AT YOU BC HE’S THE GOLDEN MAKNAE AND FEELS AND KNOWS EVERYTHING 
  • (i hate him)
  • will subtly try to feel you up in public and whispers dirty stuff in ur year and then laugh at flustered you (ONLY IF YOU’RE OK WITH THAT OF COURSE) 
  • if you were very shy outside too, don’t worry. he’ll order for you stuff and also pay :)
  • i’m in actual pain jesus christ 
  • he will find you cute nonetheless because he finds your shyness adorable and the faces you pull make his day and he’s fucking lame and whipped 
  • will make you tiny gifts just so he can see your reaction 
  • hopes that you will get over that shy state but doesn’t mind if you don’t
  • introduces you to his friends and when you act all cute he’s literally ‘awww'ing and pulling you into a side-hug, all bunny smile and shit 
  • if you are a smol he will stand tall when you want to kiss him that jerk 
  • if you are a toll then he would run away from you (like, in a playful way. probably wants you to see how shyness looks like idk he’s lame)
  • he’s melting for you anyway, doesn’t matter if you’re tol or smol, because you are so cute he thinks his heart will explode or implode or both when you act all shy and stuff and sometimes he wants to tell you that your cuteness makes his heart do the thing but even if he’s cocky nochu, he’s also shy 
  • like, he would convince you to cuddle, and when he pulled you closed you made this tiny giggle or hid your face in his chest or something and wow he’s in fucking lovE
  • don’t get me wrong 
  • he’ll be cocky like 80% of the day 
  • but he’s also sweet like 5% and memey 15% 
  • so he’s forgiven 
  • btw you either get that killer smirk or that big big big bunny smile but it’s good anyway i guess
  • god, please love him i swear he loves you even if he acts like an asshole he’s super cute and scared so protect that tiny lil human bean

sorry for being so aggressive but i get full of emotions when i write about kook and i wanna explode bc bruh he’s perfect wtf

~ admin alexa

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I know rn the crew treat it like shit but still im so glad that something like amedot exist rn, its just so progressive because: a fat girl and a tomboy, the fat one is the most ''feminine'' but also the most dominant between the two. Amedot in itself is breaking all the boundaries and its me and my gf so it meant so much that the crew even hinted at these two, its way more than I could ever ask, it gives me hope that in the future something like amedot will fully be embrace. I love it sm!!

Amedot is such a good ship for all these reasons!! Personality wise and visually they contrast each other amazingly!! And even fit the opposite colours attract thing going on in the show, like ruby and sapphire, and steven and connie. AND even had the “fall on ur crush” trope. I just love this ship so much  hhhh

Also it’s super cute that you and your gf relate to them!!

I just hate that the cast crew just ignore it but openly talk about other ships like??? what gives??

coffee shop!au haechan

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a/n: jai here!!!here’s an example of what i write <33 aljhjhhefh this was quickly written ok but i enjoyed writing it so ^^ also if u wanna request something, my inbox is open!!<3

  • -the sweetest and most handsome barista :“((
  • -honestly you’d have a crush on him the moment u saw him in the coffee shop he made ur heart srsly go!!!!
  • -he’s so nice to everyone and it’s just ??wow bless??
  • -and when he’s brewing coffee, u can always hear him humming to a song and u think it’s so cute!!
  • -donghyuck’s pretty famous w the older regulars bc they think he’s such a sweet boy!!
  • -"ah donghyuck looking handsome again ^^” - one of the older ladies
  • -sometimes parents come in w their kids too
  • -and then u see him interacting w the kids and it’s just so adorable!!
  • -he’s always got sweets with him and it’s just,,,heart attack.
  • -and when he’s on break, he loves to play w the kids and the kids all jump on his back
  • -most of the time he pretends to be the big bad dragon
  • -but sometimes the smol ones tell him to be the handsome prince and honestly it’s just :“)))
  • -first time meeting him tho
  • -u probably discovered the coffee shop bc of a friend who recommended u to go there since most of the time it’s a chil place to study
  • -so ofc u checked out the place and bam!!heart attack!!u saw the handsome tanned barista standing there and u were honestly about to faint!!
  • -the moment he saw u walk in he immediately smiled at u and trust me u almost fainted bc of it
  • -when he took ur order he tried to make a small talk w u bc u kno he kind of thought ur pretty cute and it doesnt hurt to talk a bit
  • -ngl michael jackson was probably playing in the bg and ofc he asked u if u like michael jackson which led to u both talking about ur fave artists
  • -he kept smiling through the whole convo and srsly his smile left u blushing
  • -everytime he came to ur table to refill ur cup he talked a little bit w u
  • -asking u what ur studying and sometimes even helping u w some things!!
  • -except for science bc he hates science
  • -ljefhjgh he helps u w anything else tho when u need help
  • -you both probs became best friends damn
  • -he likes to tease u sm 
  • -w teasing i mean randomly poking u when ur v focused on studying
  • -or pinching ur cheeks saying u look cute
  • -aljhfrhg he’s trying to make it so obvious that he likes u in more than just a friends way but u still won’t notice!!notice him already!!
  • -ofc it makes him quite :( bc he thinks that maybe u just dont like him in that way which is y u dont do anything
  • -but he gathers up all his courage and he’s like "donghyuck lee,ur gonna tell her how u feel instead of sulking like this”
  • -akflehg but then he realises
  • -damn,, how am i gonna do this
  • -so ofc he goes to his best friend/big brother mark
  • -and he’s like “bro,,i like someone,,but u kno i like them in that way,,but idk how to tell them,,,”
  • -mark just pats donghyuck’s head and he’s like “lemme help u out”
  • -mark helps donghyuck w finding a way to confess to u and donghyuck’s a bit nervous but ofc u cant rlly see it
  • -askhzefuhgr dude his confession is so cheesy tho, i mean mark helped him what do u expect
  • -as usual,u just walked into the coffee shop and greeted donghyuck w a smile and he smiled back at u duh
  • -so donghyuck made ur coffee as usual
  • -this time tho!!
  • -he bought a piece of ur fave cake too
  • -which u didn’t order but he still gave it to u??
  • -so he comes up to ur table w ur coffee and ur fave cake and ur like “donghyuck i didnt order cake??”
  • -and he’s like “i know ^^”
  • -ofc ur quite confused but ??ok then hyuck??
  • -as usual, music was playing in the bg
  • -alhfeufhjf donghyuck was acting strangely quiet tho and he was kind of staring at u and when u catched him staring he immediately looked away
  • -ya ur pretty much confused af
  • -mind u it was v early in the morning, so there was pretty much no one in the coffee shop but u two
  • -u decided to ask him what’s wrong and he just replied w “nothing~” and he smiles shyly at u so it made u even Extra Confused
  • -so ur sipping on ur cup of coffee and eyeing him when suddenly ‘love never felt so good’ by michael jackson started playing in the bg
  • -and hyuck was singing along ofc :“))
  • -at some point tho he suddenly gets up and he pulls u by ur hand w him and he’s like "let’s dance~”
  • -u end up dancing w him through the coffee shop w him singing along and it’s just so zlhjfhleu
  • -ur both v giggly and ur basically just both laughing at ur silliness
  • -even after ur little dance party tho, he kept staring at u and so u asked him “what’re u looking at”
  • -slowly, he wrapped his arms around ur waist and leaned a bit closer
  • -not too close, but close enough to leave u kind of blushing
  • -he pokes ur cheek when u blush and he mumbles “be mine?”
  • -donghyuck’s a blushing mess too ok, he’s usually not like this but he is rn bc he’s so scared you’ll say no
  • -akfhjrghr it left u quite shocked to see hyuck being like this
  • -after u got over the shock, u pulled him in for a hug and said “yes” and he’s so relieved dude he hugs u back so tightly
  • -when u pull away from the hug, he suddenly asks “,,can i kiss u?” and ur like uhm ok yes sure haha bc ‘oh damn he’s gonna kiss me o shit efljrjhgjr’
  • -this boi tho 
  • -he leans in v slowly and rite when u were about to close ur eyes, he kisses ur nose quickly
  • -akfjhrh which made u whine a bit bc u rlly thought he was gonna kiss u but ofc if he’s not ready, he’s not ready so u didn’t rlly mind
  • -he just chuckles and told u to go back to studying, since ppl started coming in now
  • -w a bit of a pout u sat back down, but it’s ok bc now u have a wonderful bf aka lee donghyuck who will take good care of u <3
  • -u better take good care of him too
  • -or else
  • - :)

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rfa + saeran + v reactions to finding mc asleep from studying all night & her textbook is open, & it has their name doodled all over it? pls do this it would make my heart happy

om gosh im cryin
that’s so cute and sweet

-when he gets back home from uni and sees u passed out on his desk his first reaction is fear
-bc he thought u like
-died or fainted or smth
-but then he realizes that u just fell alseep and thinks its rly cute
-he picks u up gently and puts you on the bed and tucks u in
-he pecks ur head and im crying
-he sees u wrote his name and he’s just like
-fucc he loves you so much
-u reach out to him in ur sleep and he’s gone
-he’s dead
-cuddling ensues

-this man just sighs and throws you on the bed he’s fucking rude
-that’s all i have to say
-but when he sees his name on ur book he makes a mental note to tease u abt it in the morning

-takes several pictures of you bc you’re so cute
-he actually squeals and wakes you up and you hate him the end
-he loves the way you write his name
-thinks your handwriting is super nice and fits u

-the wife
-she doesn’t want to disrupt your sleep and drapes a soft blanket over you
-while closing ur book she screams internally
-didn’t know u loves her so much

-he draws a small dick on your arm and then cute kitty whiskers on your cheeks
-he kisses u and gets a chair and falls asleep on it next to you bc u took his chair >:c
-but its okay bc he loves u
-fuck im crying

-he thinks its super cute but sad that u studied so hard u passed out
-he hates disrupting ur sleep so he puts his jacket and a blanket on u
-im lov him
-can’t rly see?? but he makes out the outline of what looks like his name and just dies

-he doesn’t know what to do?
-human interaction isn’t really his thing
-he puts ur stuff away and tucks u in on his bed??
-does he even have a bed
-snoops around a tiny bit and just
-blushes and will probably avoid u the next day bc he can’t handle the cute

so a blind!lance au would require the ‘can i feel ur face’ scene and it can either be

1. really cute and emotional and lovey or

2. “holy fuck what is this” ‘my nose lance you know what a nose is’ “i’ve never heard of a nose what is it keith r u ok” 'i hate you’ or

3. keith’s head: ok ok he’s touching my face ok this isn’t weird is it weird? his hands are really nice holyshitshithsif
lances head: he needs moisturizer but like he feels really cute and omg his nose is small omg ok ok his liPS R REALLY SOFT OK

and they just both sit there blushing

BTS Reaction | When their S/O loses their voice

| bts react when their s/o was caught really bad cold and lost their voice for a few days | this is me rn I survived getting my wisdom teeth out only to get a fucking cOLD FMLLLL ~Admin H who is dying rn save me 

Jin/Seokjin: Mother Mode On™ he’s gonna do everything in his power to return you to full health he’s gonna wrap you up in 2000000 blankets and not let you move he’s gonna make you soup and just if ur ever sick call jin bc he’s the perfect person to have on hand when ur sick and especially if you lose ur voice he’s gonna get a notepad and demand u not say a word until ur throat is completely better

Suga/Yoongi: poor darling isn’t super the best at handling these kinds of situations he’s more of the behind the scenes taking care of kind of person if that makes sense?? like he’s the person who if you leave ur keys on the table all the time he’ll slip them into your pocket so if you’re sick he’ll try his best to take care of you even if he isn’t the best he’s trying his best and nobody can fault him for that <3 he’s another person that will go the notepad route for when you lose your voice.

J-Hope/Hoseok: honey pie h a t es it when ur sick!! when you feel bad he feels bad bc ur his sunshine his inspiration his everything and when you’re in bed w a fever he hate hate hates ittttt!!! he’s actually low key overwhelming and smothering w his attention but i mean who doesn’t like to be comforted and spoiled when they’re sick?? he absolutely extra despises it when you lose your beautiful voice bc to him theres no sound more amazing and lovely so he’ll send u cute flirty texts 

Rap Monster/Namjoon: leader babe is such a hardworker and he does take good care of the rest of BTS for sure that he knows how to take care of someone when they’re sick, but we all know his poor curse of breaking things and being so accident-prone so he did boil over the soup he tried to make and he did break the bowl he make oatmeal in and then he put too much water in the oatmeal and then he almost blew up the kettle trying to make tea and ur apartment is a wreck bUT ITS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS OKAY AND HE SENDS U CUTE LIL TEXTS WHEN HE HAS TO LEAVE AND WHEN U LOSE UR VOICE HE STILL SENDS U TEXTS EVEN IF HE’S SITTING NEXT 2 YOU

Taehyung/V: okay so im fully convinced that next to Jin taehyung is the best person to take care of u when ur sick bc he would make a hella good husband he’s v v attentive to you when ur sick but not as overbearing as hobi but he’s gonna get u a little whiteboard to draw on and get you a coloring book that you guys color in and giggle over while you wait out your illness and he always decorates ur whiteboard w cute magnets 

Jimin: awww okay he’s gonna be so cute he’s gonna make u a whole nest of fuzzy blankets and make u tea and get ur favorite take out and make sure u have lotion tissues and just try his best to stay with you and he’ll use a sketching pad to draw cute lil sketches of you and of BTS and u guys will watch rom coms and giggle and try ur best to communicate without you having a voice :(

Jungkook: honestly he might be panicking inside bc he has no idea how to help u and he hates feeling helpless in these kinds of scenarios but tbh his method of getting u to feel better is he makes u a huge pillow fort and fills it with blankets and makes u guys hot chocolate out of the packets and he runs down and buys you guys some spicy ramen and its not the healthiest meal but it clears out your nose lmao and he teases u over ur squeaky voice until you lose ur voice entirely then he buys u a cute notepad and decorates each page w a goofy drawing of his members 


a fever you can’t sweat out + opening lines

Dating Winn Schott Would Include:
  • tons of cheek and nose kisses ^.^
  • comforting him when he deals with stuff with his dad
  • having movie/tv marathons on the weekends
    • but usually ending up rewatching star wars every single time
  • surprising him at work with takeout 
  • him getting worried about you a lot because of his job and wanting to be around you as much as possible so he could protect you
  • going to conventions together
  • laughing at how cute he is when he fanboys over superheroes
  • him calling you randomly in the middle of the day to make sure you’re okay
    • “winn, you called me an hour ago.” “i just wanted to make sure you were safe.” “i’m fine. go back to work, nerd.”
  • playing video games together
  • team supergirl shipping you superhard (lol get it? i hate myself just ignore my stupid comments pls)
  • adopting pets and having ur own lil family of fluffy children (。’▽’。)♡
  • lots of hand-holding
  • really sweet n gentle sex
  • he would totally sing you to sleep with that heavenly voice okAY
  • cuddling/sleeping would be so cute 
    • like, he would probably wrap you up in his arms super tight and just hold you there for as long as he possibly could
      • neither of you would mind it at all tho bc it’s super sweet ^.^
  • you two just having so much love for each other that it’s insane 



NCT as shit I heard at school
  • Jaehyun: aren't I so cool I got an A haha I'm a nerd someone pls be my friend
  • Ten: Can someone play frozen
  • WinWin: *speaks Chinese to a white person* you get me??
  • Yuta: You all are ugly and I'm uglier
  • HaeChan: call me Romeo so I can kill myself wink
  • Mark: did I just say that in front of a whole classroom
  • Taeil: handcuff me to this tree pls
  • Doyoung: *plays Welcome To The Black Parade on the flute nonstop*
  • JiSung: High school musical is a lie. I hate high school, and I'm lost again
  • Jaemin: why does she sound like a man
  • ChenLe: You don't know how hard it is being this cute
  • RenJun: onto world studies where life is hard
  • Kun: Don't try me I'll send ur dick pics to ur mom
  • Hansol: Of course. Of course I know I'm cute.
  • Johnny: I'm going to be the ugliest girl there. And I'm not even a girl.