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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

(im a big nerd ok dont judge ㅠㅠ) * current homework * all my returned homework from this semester * folder paper * folders * pencil case 

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
* my cat * frogs… lots and lots of toy frogs… 🐸 * clothes * make up * my cello? 

5 things i want to do in life:

 * go to Korean and Japan * finish college without killing myself 🙃 * get a job * get married * have a nice house and a corvette stingray

5 things i’m currently into:

 * food (especially asian food) * my cat * the color black * the Christmas spirit 🎅🏻 * Pentagon’s comeback like holy shit?!

5 things on my to-do list:

 * cry bc school * cry more bc school * try to do my homework while crying * make choreo for my dance class (kms) * finish my homework so i can watch W with my mommy ^^

5 things ( most ) people don’t know about me:
 * i was a cheerleader in high school even though im not peppy and hate people * i like to make flower arrangements. i made my own corsage for prom lol * im emo af (on the inside) crown the empire is my fav band * in my junior year of high school i was in band, chorus, orchestra, and cheerleading all at the same time * i used to tag in like middle school

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anonymous asked:

illaks coming back i'm so happy dnsnkfbskfbs there's food on the table tonight my education is paid water is infinite my anxiety is cured the bees are safe you saved 2k16 rn thank you


anonymous asked:

Do u watch osomatsu san ??:0 ur art style is so cute!!!

Thank you !!🐑🎀

Yeah ✨ヽ(・v・)ノI watch osomatsu! I really like the humour and the director of osomatsu is also the director of Gintama (my FAV comedy anime EVEER ) but I only watched about 10 eps 😥 I’ll continue it someday 😆✨