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Hi sorry to kinda come in here w/ a big ask but I just wanna say assome1 who is v chubby I just.... love the way you draw the Grifs!!! Like they're chubby and still attractive and positively presented and HAPPY and for someone who is used to fat being associated w/ grossness/misery it's really, really nice to see you representing them so positively!!!! I know this is probably kinda annoying or w/e but I just want you to know how much ur art means to me!!! Thank you so much!!!

hey so uh im also really big and i draw the grifs the way i do almost entirely to make myself feel better about what i look like so you telling me that my self indulgence is actually having some positive effect on you is probably the most incredible uplifting thing you could have ever said, so thankyou from the absolute bottom of my heart

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if you haven't already pLS do some blam headcanons also i am doing ur declan thing now gET READY TO GET REKT

ye blam (blue x adam for all u uncultured folk)

-blue dyes adam’s hair pink once as a prank once but he thanks her for it and so does ronan

-blue gets rly annoyed by him bc he looks good no matter what spelunking? More like photoshoot homework? Nah its model time fkn parrish

-adam laughs whenever blue says something abt it bc he thinks she’s kidding what? im not attractive? Even though literally all of my friends have crushes on me (see sepia photograph wtf gansey) im not pretty gosh blue

-blue is the 1st person adam comes out to

-blue constantly finds him trying to fix the trees in her room bc they keep falling down but he just ends up with tape in his hair bc arts n crafts r not his game

-everyone in the gang takes pictures of adam non-stop like they tell him life isn’t a photoshoot while playing paparazzi bc hot damn parrish

-adam tutors blue but it ends up like

“wait but franz Ferdinand didn’t even exist until 2002”

(laughing that turns into wheezing)


“not the band blue the person”

-blue is the one  that sorts the gang into Hogwarts houses and she tells adam that he’s a total slytherin and he’s like wtf did  just call me?

-so blue screams and gets him the books and they marathon all of the movies


-adam knows a lot of things so when blue is sleeping over at Monmouth nd gets her period she asks adam to go on a tampon run but adam did not bring his wallet so he brings gansey and omg

-“wings? What? on a pad? What?”-menstruation can’t be that bad

-“its so that the pad doesn’t move around”-I wish I didn’t know so much

-“why are they so expensive? Doesn’t every women have to buy these”


“is that why blue is always so angry”

“its why every non-rich person is always so angry”

-they 100% have codenames for each other

-adam is cheekbones (yes I m referring to my own fic stfu)

-blue is colonel (get it sargent like military ranks nvm)

-fact: neither adam nor blue can cook

-fact: like hell they’ll admit it

-so when gansey comes home and finds adam trying to put out a fire while blue is rolling on the ground he is not surprised bc yes guys popcorn can be very complicated its ok

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do u have any advice on not yelling at ur straight friends? bc i just had an encounter the other day with a friend and she was like "hah its really cool that ur gay just like im not so like you know haha dont hit on me" and i was like "ha i dont find you attractive, you arent my type so ur good" and she was like "oh wow thanks thats really what you want to hear from your gay friend" and she got upset?? and im really annoyed and im sorry i think i just need to rant u can ignore this

no. yell at your straight friends when they’re being homophobic. they deserve it